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Make your own walking dead character!  xgilme 18 17049 7 months ago
The Big Huge TWD Survey  DarkSarcasm 149 19935 7 months ago
30 Day Challenge  Kassaremidylynn 281 58893 8 months ago
TWD Elimination Game III: Survival of the Deadest  DarkSarcasm 1199 41513 over a year ago
Fan Survey for TWD Book - Please Help!  matthewfreeman 0 4293 over a year ago
The Walking Dead Related Clubs Guide  Bibi69 5 3788 over a year ago
spotify moviesoundtracks as mp3-file?  teddywally 1 2867 over a year ago
Why Negan might kill Abraham on TWD  Owls1322 2 2564 over a year ago
Zombies v/s Humans? Why population matters!  PopMatters 0 1282 over a year ago
Record some episodes of The Walking Dead  becksking 1 1526 over a year ago
This or That game  smms 43 5150 over a year ago
The walking dead! which character are you???  Owls1322 0 1283 over a year ago
Epic RPG kill  Hansmanbo 0 1405 over a year ago
New spot look submissions! {Closed!}  Bibi69 26 3364 over a year ago
University Research on Fan Culture and our Love of TWD  kylewilkie16 0 1346 over a year ago
Make your own TWD coloring book!  DarkSarcasm 1 1713 over a year ago
EPIC SEASON 6 !!!  Froyo123 0 1590 over a year ago
Help With TWD Timeline  savvvanah 0 1809 over a year ago
gina  kiritazu8 0 1643 over a year ago
Daryl Dixon  Bianca0711 1 1387 over a year ago
Epic mid-season finale  screamingdeath1 0 1039 over a year ago
Favourites?  BeautifulLover 17 2390 over a year ago
Which character are you? (personality test)  Linz94 7 15032 over a year ago
Why do you like the Walking Dead?  TwilightCurious 15 6492 over a year ago
Martinez  Bianca0711 0 1089 over a year ago
It has to be said..  returninglight 2 2246 over a year ago
The Walking Dead Survival Test  BlueWren 15 7620 over a year ago
Read my fan fiction? (not a love story, though it's about Daryl)  i_will-not_bow 0 2096 over a year ago
Walking Dead Fan site  vicv2013 0 2085 over a year ago
***Spoiler Section***  critic4ever 11 3011 over a year ago
TWD S1 Hard Rap Song and vid  doom13 0 2177 over a year ago
TWD Tribute 3 song with video tribute  Charlie25 0 2886 over a year ago
Photo contest *win props*  vera_love 2 3278 over a year ago
HELP SAVE WALKING DEAD ON DISH NETWORK !!  2bluemoon 1 1611 over a year ago
Character Questions  kittylynn777 2 1570 over a year ago
New Walking Dead Fan Site Under construction  R-S-Lee 0 1801 over a year ago
Rick - Walking Dead / Love Actually Mash-Up Design  prettygrotesque 0 1702 over a year ago
The Walking Dead Game Gameplay/Let's Play [HD]  nukemdukem 3 1523 over a year ago
Spoiler for 2x13  critic4ever 0 1931 over a year ago
The Walking Dead: The Game PlayStation 3.....A.K.A. Playing Dead  malone79 0 1354 over a year ago
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Your 5 TOP fan videos from The Walking Dead!  Bubble73 0 1099 over a year ago
walking dead or Zombies Hi you decide  zombiesrock 0 1056 over a year ago
Great Cast Interviews - The walking dead  twdhead 0 1090 over a year ago
Countdown to 500 fans♥  _Chryso_ 16 1582 over a year ago
тнe walĸιng dead; ιcon conтeѕт! {roυnd 3}  FutureDancer 20 6635 over a year ago
Walking Dead guests @ Dallas Comic-con May 21-22  koose 0 861 over a year ago
Craving More Paranormal?  ForsakenMoon19 0 1126 over a year ago