The Walking Dead Character Questions

kittylynn777 posted on May 29, 2012 at 02:15AM
Who is your favorite character who lived and also one that was killed, and why...

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over a year ago thelatestbuzz20 said…
My favorite charcter alive is Daryl (and i also like Carol and Carl :P) because he is practically invincible. Plus he's like super hot :)
My favorite charcter that died was Sophia (and Amy) because i felt so sorry for her and she was so innocent and that showed that no one is safe, not even an innocent child.
over a year ago ducky8abug4u said…
My favorite characters are in this order:

1. Daryl
2. Rick
3. Michonne
4. Carol
5. Hershel
6. Glenn
7. Maggie

There were a couple of favorites that died early on:

1. Dale
2. Big Tiny
3. Otis

So those are and were my favorites.