A story aobut when Rune returns home, to Germany, meets her family again new and old,... and learns about a terrible secret...

"Don't worry, baby. You will see me again, soon!" An anxious mother Raccoon watched as her only child was taken away from her. "I promise..."

It had been almost four years, but she finally fulfilled that promise. Her baby, not as young, anymore, was back.
"It'll be just like before," Janet assured her. But her face wa still anxious, as she opened the front door to their tiny house. "Nothing as changed... much..."
"Mami, Mami! Haben Sie brachte eine Überraschung?" Two tiny Raccoon babies scampered down the stairs, almost tripping up Rune, as she entered the door.
"Who are they?" Rune gasped, as she watched the babies jumping all over Janet.
"I thought you two were sleeping," Janet scolded them, ignoring Rune's question.
"MUTTER!" Rune shouted, and Janet looked at her.
"What is it?"
"Who are these... babies?"
"I'm sorry, dear. I meant to tell you while they were asleep. I adopted two babies, only a couple of months ago. They were left on my doorstep."
"But, what about Papa?"
"I will need to talk to you about that later, dear."
"Mama, wer dieser Fremde ist, und warum sie reden lustig?" the slightly larger of the two babies asked.
"Das ist Ihre große Schwester, Rune, Lieben." Janet explained. "Sie sprechen Englisch, aber sie weiß auch Deutsch."
"Ja, ich weiß es!" Rune snapped at the babies. "Und ich weiß auch Sie nicht, hier zu sein!"
"Rune!" Janet scolded. Rune only scowled.

Later that night, Janet came up to Rune, who was sitting on the armchair of her father.
"Dear, you're outburst this morning was unacceptable," Janet began. "But I understand that having the two in the house is a big change for you."
"No you don't," Rune mumbled, not making eye contact. "If you knew, you wouldn't have taken them in!"
"I couldn't just leave them, lieben."
"I'm sorry, mama," Rune muttered. "But what happened to papa?" Janet's face became worried, as she lifted Rune, sat on the chair, and placed the youngling on her lap.
"Have you heard of an aniaml named Dr. Raccoon?" she asked.
"Yes," Rune replied.
"What is his name in German?"
"Doktor Waschbär," Rune said, then gasped. "But... Waschbär is our last name!"
"I know, dear. Remember, before you were taken, there was a plane crash in Hungary?" Rune nodded. "Well, papa was in that crash. He got bad head injuries, and was in hospital for months. When they finally let him come home, he had really bad brain damage."
"And he went wild!" Rune gasped, her eyes tearing up.
"Uh... yes, lieben, he did..."
"And he attacked us, thinking he were keeping him locked up, because we wouldn't let him outside, for fear he would hurt someone."
"Yes, dear..." Janet stroked Rune's head. "I didn't want you to remember all that..."
"Not long after that is when they took me..." Rune looked up at her mother. "To protect me..." Janet nodded, sadly.

The next morning, Rune received a rude wake up. The two little Raccoons were jumping on her bed, and the male landed on her stomach.
"Get off!" she snapped, and both stopped, staring at her. "Holen Sie sich ab!" she repeated, in German.
The male glanced mischivously at his sister, and she winked. They both jumped on top of Rune, and began playfully biting her. Rune screamed, and Janet came running in.
"Adalwolf! Fee! Hör auf!" she snapped. Fee stopped biting Rune, and ran to her mother, while Adalwolf ignored her, and kept nipping Rune's ear, knocking off her flower.
"Wolf!" Fee exclaimed, giggling.
"Mama!" Rune shouted, hiding under the quilt. Janet grabbed Adalwolf, and scolded him in German. Rune peeked out, and grabbed her flower, straightening out the crumpled petels, and placed it back on her ear, sighing.

Adalwolf and Fee were mischivous, and playful. Rune tried to entertain them, by making a little sock puppet, and prentending to be a vantriloquist, but Fee grabbed the puppet off her paw, and tore it to pieces. At last, Rune managed to get them to sleep, by singing her favourite song.
Finally, Rune thought to herself. Now I can have time for mama and myself. She had been longing to spend a few precious minutes without the twins that afternoon.

She went into her mother's sewing room, where she was working, and climbed onto her lap. Janet smiled.
"You're getting so big," she said, cuddling her close. "At least, you're bigger than before."
"Mama," Rune began. "Is papa really that evil Dr. Waschbär?"
"Yes, he is, dear. But he's not in his right mind. He's got bad brain damage. But how do you know of him, anyway?"
"I saw him, once..."