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 Supernatural 10x04
 Supernatural 10x04
Supernatural 10x04
Supernatural 10x04
Supernatural 10x04
Supernatural 10x04
Supernatural 10x04
Supernatural 10x04
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The Winchesters Wall

cherryprincess said …
Sam and Dean are the best hunters and brothers and i'm happy that they never killed Crowley in the show even though they wanted to Dean would rather let him walk then kill him Posted 3 months ago
ebony2012 said …
spn is the best! sam and dean are the sexiest men ever! They are the best hunters too. I hate the trolls! here tho. Nummyellow your a bitch! Bye trolls. Posted over a year ago
cherryprincess commented…
I'm glad I never met a troll on here well iv'e only been on here not as long as other people have maybe that's why I never met them thank goodness I haven't met one I heard there mean that's why they get banned 12 days ago
numnumyellow67 said …
Supernatural is amazing(Sadly I've been banned from it), but I wouldn't want to have a life like the Winchesters do, killing Demons, ghosts, sometimes possessed humans, and not to mention going to hell a few times. I would love to meet them, but it would be terrible being in the Supernatural universe. Sam and Dean have died, they have to lie ALL THE TIME, and they have such sad lives.

I just couldn't take it. Posted over a year ago
ebony2012 commented…
hey nummyellow shut up! dean and sam are the best! i would love to be in spn. your lame thats why you were banned haha! over a year ago
SilverWings13 commented…
*totally ignores above comment* I totally see your point. The life would be fun for a bit, but scary as Hell (very literally) and I'd just wanna escape. Sammy and Dean handle it well, but they' were born into it. And they're just damn extraordinary ~swoon~ over a year ago
ilovedeanxx commented…
awwwwwwwwwwwww thats totes sad xx 8 months ago