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About Season 4...

I don't really get why the Winx went all rampage on the Earth Fairies. The Winx themselves got plenty of vengeance and yet they're not letting the Earth fairies get theirs on someone truly horrible. Can someone explain this to me?
Sorry, I get impatient...
TheFan2000 posted over a year ago
 TheFan2000 posted over a year ago
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lovebaltor said:
I guess I'll answer. (If you're getting so impatient, lol)

I think that the girls didn't let Nebula and her army of females get on the Wizards first, because that would be taking their "glory" away from the show. The girls are always the ones to deal with - and ultimately finish off the seasons villain.

I think the writers thought making the Earth fairies take care of them (Which they could have done a long time ago) would take away all the "bravery" and "leadership" shown by the Winx whenever they battle.

In the end though, Nebula did help in the ultimate defeat of the Wizards, but it wasn't until the very last few minutes of the battle, when the Winx themselves were worn out. Like you, I too find it unfair that they couldn't get the revenge upon them [The Wizards] like they deserved.
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posted over a year ago 
plus they unlock believix, sophix, & lovix!
halle1283 posted over a year ago
^ That has nothing to do with the Earth fairies getting their proper revenge against the Wizards.
lovebaltor posted over a year ago
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