Amaryl is the only Alfea student other than the Winx who has a known power. She shouted "Star power" during one of the season two episodes. Amaryl have a friendly relationship with Mirta and Lucy, as she can be seen with them at Musa's concert during season two and the three of them are invited by Musa to come on stage with the Winx for the last song. Stella and her didn't get along very well through the first 2 seasons. Amaryl even had tried to attack Stella in one of their classes, but was stopped by Professor Palladium. (Depending on the version, she was trying to attack Stella with the Sphere of Truth spell) & as a result : she got detention for a week.

In season three, Amaryl and Stella seemed to put aside their quarrel because in one episode she is seen in front of the school with Ms. Faragonda, Griselda, Mirta and the Winx Club and at the end Stella and Amaryl are waiting together the other girls for Ms. Faragonda's speech.

She has a bit of an attitude depending on the person, can or cannot hold grudges for long depending on the person, despite this she has many friends. She also like to be center stage like Ahisa and is sometimes comical.

Amaryl kinda has a bob-cut hairstyle with a mix of orange & yellow hair. She wears a shirt with light green on the shoulder blades and dark green & has a bit of a midriff and white pants with an (orangey-)brown(ish) belt for the civillain outfit.

Amaryl wears a light green and a dark green dress with a light soft green ankle boots. She has lavender wings with soft pink tips.&nbsp

Age at first appearance: 17
Origin: Cosmosia
Affiliation: Alfea
Powers and Abilities: Stars
First Appearance: The Black-Mud Swamp
Amaryl in magic winx outfit