It was a beautiful morning in Alfea when Bloom gave birth to little Adelinda, who's name means dragon. Bloom smiled and said to Stella " Thanks for helping me, getting clothes and all." Stella replied " No problem Bloom." Bloom put Adelinda in the crib and looked at her, she looked her only with Sky's color of hair. Her eyes were a brighter blue than her's. Adelinda looked at the fairies wide-eyed, she knew who they where The Winx, powerful fairies and who never backed down from a fight. Adelinda hoped to be like her mother one day, proud and strong. Two years later, Adelinda was now 13 years old. She loved playing with her magical Chow Chow, Lulu. Adelinda asked her mother " Do you think I am like you?" Bloom replied " Of course Adelinda, you will be just like me powerful and strong." The two where being watched by the Trix over in Cloudtower. Icy said " She doesn't know that her own daughter is more powerful than she is." Darcy nodded and looked at the image of young Adelinda and remarked " We could use her power to do what we did before she came around." Stormy said " She does have a point." Icy said " You two are right, but we won't strike yet."