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The Winx Club Fan fiction Article

Meet Kimberly part 1

Fan fiction by Winxclubgirl202 posted over a year ago
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Hello everyone! My name is Kimberly Turner, you can call call me Kit. I learned that I was a fairy, the fairy of the sky. Walking to my locker I grabbed my history book and science book. My best friend Sophie was waiting she said " I can't wait for art." I nodded, and replied " I know, we get to draw what ever we want today." Of course I knew what I was going to draw, me as a fairy. With my earphones on I listened to Whisper by Evanesence. You can say I love music as well as learning about the sky, my room was painted light blue and had clouds all around. Many people called me Kit, I don't know why but a good friend of mine Roxy, was already a fairy. I sat down at my desk, thinking on what it would be like to be a fairy. My name was called to leave school early, not sure why though. i get up and gather my things, I rode my bike to school so I rode back home, no one was there. Something or someone flew by my window, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I shake my head , I saw a note on the table from dad it read, I won't be home for a while, your by yourself for the time, take care. So I went outside to see what that thing was.
No one was there until...
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bloomlova said:
Good job!
posted over a year ago.
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I'll do part two next.
posted over a year ago.