Author's Note: Since a lot of people enjoyed my first article on the Trix so much, I have decided to continue this mini-series. Today, I will be writing my views on the evil fairy whom we've come to known and love...Diaspro.


~ Now let's move on to probably the second most popular baddie: Diaspro.

This girl has to be one of the most hated, and neglected from this show. (And I'm not just saying that for show on this article)

When we first see her in season one, most people think of her as some "womanizing bitch" who stole Sky away from precious, itty-bitty Bloom. To me, since this show is mainly made for kids (Ages 10-13) I don't think they would really comprehend the whole situation and actuality of Sky's engagement to Diaspro. They probably wouldn't know that one your royal family has found you a proper suitor; who have to marry them. I also think fans tended to over-exaggerate the whole dilemma with Bloom and Diaspro; we see her in what, three episodes (Maybe less?) in the whole running of the first season? That really isn't a lot to go on for you to be judging someone. (Especially since they got their husband stolen away by some random Earth fairy)

In season two, she is barely in any episodes either. We see her get kidnapped by the kind-freaks because she isn't "nice" enough to the people in her kingdom. Well, yeah...I would understand why you would get mad at that but come on; how many "kind and understanding" leaders have there been in history? I know there's been a lot more "evil" rulers than good, that's for sure. Anyways, when she's kidnapped, Sky get's a call and that acts all scared and worried about her. So, it takes your ex-fiancee being kidnapped for you to give a shit about her? Makes sense. I cannot stand Bloom's attitude though; "Oh I can't believe Sky still has feelings for her!" , "Sky, please don't make me believe that you like her better than me!" Bitch shut up. We're trying to save her here, not rekindle some long-lost romance that she's clearly gotten over.

Finally, the third season is when she comes back to give a round of nasty and well deserved pay-back to Bloom. For me, the whole scene where she tricks him into tricking the tainted drink really makes you see how deadly she really is. She's manipulative like Darcy, and she always gets her way (Eventually) like Icy. Her personality is like a combination of the two most powerful members of the Trix, with just a dash of her own crazy. She got what she want, and when she was in the position she wanted to be in - she took control; sending guards after the Winx and making Bloom feel like shit.

Now, I analyze;

Most people tend to hate Diaspro because she "stole" Sky from Bloom. How can you hate someone for being previously engaged to a man (It just so happens) another girl likes? That's like me saying I hate Gerogia Moffatt for being married to David Tennant. No, it just doesn't work that way.

My first big point is: why are you blaming Diaspro for Bloom getting upset? Diaspro should be the one getting sympathized with, and instead, everyone is whining about Bloom crying. Well, Bloom made Diaspro loose her future husband - why aren't you feeling bad for her?

I'm pretty sure like every other noble family - Sky's spouse was chosen by his family, and not by himself. I'm sure the two weren't too found of each other when they first met, but eventually learned to tolerate each other. (Especially if you're going to spend most of your remaining life with them)

What I don't understand is why some people aren't getting mad at Sky for not telling Bloom about his relationship to Diaspro. Everyone is all butt-hurt about Bloom getting dissed in front of everyone at that ceremony in Red Fountain (Or when she finally realized that Sky is engaged) but no one feels bad for Diaspro. Girl was just attacked by another fairy because Bloom and her idiot self thought that she was Icy.

Another thing people should be mad at Sky for (Instead of Diaspro) is the "woman-handling situation". I mean, Sky was a player: he had some red-headed Alfea fairy head-over-heels for him, and then he has royalty like Princess Diaspro, engaged to him. Sooner or later, those two were going to meet. I mean, come on; do you honestly think Sky could have kept quiet about his engagement for that long?

What I also don't get is why Sky suddenly stopped having feelings for Diaspro. Since when did Bloom become so special? And, since when is it okay for a Prince to disobey his father and get away with it? The logic these characters (Or the show) has just doesn't make sense with actual accustoms that were made for royalty. If Sky is royalty, he should marry whomever his parents chose for him: no exceptions.

Finally, to people who say she shouldn't have "tricked Sky" and it was "wrong" well - wouldn't you go ape-shit as well for someone stealing the man you were about to marry? I know I would! And I certainly know that I would try anything to woo him back.