Bloom struted though the magix forest on the hot, sunny day. 'Good job i'm having a walk, because i really need one right now!' She thought, and she was right. She had so much on her mind that she couldn't help but walk her worries away. 'I am so lame going by myself, i should bring the other winx girls and maybe this walk would be more fun. I mean, this walk is about as fun as gizelda's detentions!' Bloom told herself, gently patting Kiko on his head as he curled up on Bloom's shoulder.
He was upset about alfea also. The fairy of the dragon fire shuddered as she thought about the following week when her and winx girls would say "Bye, bye!" to alfea!
Sure she was looking foward to more magical adventures with Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla and Techna but she wish she could be in alfea fovever! hey maybe she could become a teacher there it would be awesome! But then she would hate to be laeved behind while the others go and have a brilliant adventure, She would miss her friends greatly!
"Portal of ice!" Hissed a voice, "And for magix sake, hurry up!"
"Huh?" Asked Bloom, entering a wood clearing, to see Icy casting a transportation spell!
"Oh Icy! Why don't you get defeated and stay defeated!" Shouted Bloom, frailing her fists in anger.
"Wow Bloom, I never knew you were such a loner!" Jeered Icy, her words as cold as Ice.
"You've asked for it now, enchantix!" Anounced Bloom. She felt like a stunning red dragon was surrounding her, increasing her power rapidly until she transformed into a pretty enchantix fairy!
"Embers!" Called Bloom, as she conjured a flame which was flitting over to Icy.
"Oh, no!" She gasped. "Oh, yes!" Laughed Bloom.
"Winter shield!" Said Icy, but her shield just melted under the flame.
"Oh, I have no time to fight fairys!" Retorted Icy, pacing into the black vortex. "We'll see about that!" Whispered Bloom to Kiko, as she followed Icy into the spooky portal. Bloom sipped a bit of invisability juice from her flask.
"Here Kiko, here's a invisablity carrot!" She joked as quite as she could. The portal instantly closed when Icy, Kiko and Bloom went though it. "Oh, It's been a while since i've had portal pratise with miss griffin!" Hissed Icy, scorning her stupid school. (Well at least that was her point of view.) "Well i'm better at summoning portals than Stella!" Cackled Icy.
"Stella is awesome, besides you can talk!" Burst out Bloom, gasping when she noticed what she had done. "When will you learn, you creep!" Bellowed Icy.
"Um...This might not be the best time but have you noticed where we are?" Questioned Bloom, as she looked around the blizzery wasteland they were trapped in.
"Oh no!" Exclaimed Icy in dispear."Now i can't free Darcy and Stormy! We broke free using our strongest converged spell but then Darcy and Stormy were caught! I need to help them!"
Bloom hesitated, she knew Icy wasn't exactly voted most likely to be nice to her if she was having the same promblem, but she was a fairy, A fairy who wanted to make her adopted parents back at home proud.
"Well I'll give you a hand, still I am not freezing my butt off here! flame bubble!" She chanted while a giant, dragon red, bubble appeared. "Get in Icy, now would be good."
"Ok, it's not even cold in here anyway." Icy replied as she stepped in.
"Well I guess an ice witch would say that." Admited Bloom. "Maybe your just a bit cold." She chuckled, with Kiko half in hysterics. The bubble rose into the air hovering high over the snowy dimension, is was actually quite elegent from afar, almost as pretty as her home planet domino, before it was tormented, and after it was restored.
eventally they arrived at their location, were the two trix sisters were in cells, banging againest the cold bars. " snow flake bomb!" Shouted Icy. Before a mere minute passed, in a flurry of white sparkles, the prison cell broke open.
"Thanks Icy, but if you ever take that long with actually coming to save us then your toast!" Demanded Stormy.
"Come on witches, we got to get back to invading the universe." Commanded Icy as she teleported
"Not one chan.....Oh!" Gasped Bloom, as a enchanting aquamarine glow surrounded her, bursting with light and magical sparkles. She heard a flash.
She looked down, to see that she had a shiney turqoise tail, like a mermaid only she could breathe out of water.
"Oh, I've heard of this! It's called mermaidix and it's waht a fairy gets when she befriends someone she doesn't like. I suppose Icy will earn her's too." Bloom remarked. "Although I can still transform into enchantix when I want to! Well better get back to Alfea." She said to Kiko. "But this time i won't be afraid to leave, I know alfea will always be in my heart!"