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posted by nmdis
Here it is....


◘Power Jazz
◘Plasma World
◘Plasma Burst
◘Iridescent Flame
◘Aquarian Currents
◘Plasma World
◘Rising Tide

◘Super-Powered Morphix
◘Plasma Magic Bolt
◘Enchantix Morphix
◘Morphix Attack
◘Morphix Surfboard
◘Morphix Shield
◘Enchantix Bolt
◘Enchantix Plasma
◘Pure Enchanted Morphix
◘Enchanted Morphix
◘Morphix Surface
◘Plasma Magic Ball

◘Morphix Tidal Wave
◘Andros Hurricane
◘Morphix Wave
◘Plasma Wall
◘Plasma Barrier
◘Spirit of Courage
◘Glacier Gush
◘Morphix Blaste.
◘Plasma Board
◘Underwater Breath
◘Morphix Staff
◘Morphix Net

◘Vital Beat

◘Hail Rain

◘Power Whirl
◘13th Seal
◘Mystic Wrap
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(Here is the latest chapter)

Bloom asked "so who are you guys?" Ed and Al looked at each other, Ed replied "I'm Edward Elric, and this is my younger brother Alphonse." Musa looked up and down at Al and said "your... younger brother?" The Elric brothers looked at each other slightly embarrassed, Ed said "ah it's a long story." Al looked at Ed and told him "I know they should know, Ed replied "but not out in the open." He looked at Bloom and asked "have you met Colonel Roy Mustang yet?" Bloom shook her head answering "no yet but we were going to until we ran into you two." Ed said "we can take...
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I've seen a quite few vids of Winx Club and High School Musical songs
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In darkness so complete what's a person to do? I could think of one thing and one thing alone. Sit and wait for the darkness to grow so close it becomes eternal. I'd like very much to think I'm badass enough to get myself out of this one. But some things...some things are hopeless. I'd been here for at least 3 days now, without a thing to eat or drink. So this is how it ends...

I meant no harm, in fact I was kind of just minding my own business--I think it was a steaming cup of coffee that was in my hand at the time. Mum always said to stay away from the darkest of alleys. I always told her...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Starting with this one I am going to do a one-shot about each of the girls' past since we don't get too much insight to their past. This one is about Flora's past.
Dry lightning cracks across the skies. Those storm clouds gather in her eyes. Her daddy was a mean old mister. Mama was an angel in the ground. The weather man called for a twister. She prayed blow it down

It was March 1st. I should have been happy that it is my birthday, but how could I when everything around me is a wreck. I wish I could just cry away the pain from all this misery. I look...
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posted by lovebaltor
Author's Note: Though I don't usually ship Valtor/Icy, this one-shot will be mainly about their whole relationship and everything that transpired during the third season. It will be in Icy's P.O.V. This fic is inspired by Xandria's song of the same name. I hope you like it.

"I was a fool for what I thought was love and I tried my best to keep up what we had."

I had been a fool for thinking that there was more to our relationship. I had been deceived by someone before, so why would he be any different? Even though I...
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posted by zikkiforever
Did you think you could get away with leaving me out of the lists?Well WRONG!About a million of these have been done ,so here is another one ,which you probably will only look for your name and read what I said about you. Sorry if I forgot some of you.


Best Quality:Understanding

Iti needs to be first on my list ,because of how sweet she is. We never talked much ,but I got to know her on the disney spot better ,because we was on the same team and what can I say?Iti helped me out,had my back and constantly understood me. All the time,she is positive and can make sure anybody has a smile...
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hi guyes,
so as you all are aware ive had a compertion on for quite some time now and im just reminding you that next friday the 22 of november is the closeing date and then on you will not be able to submit any fanictions.
ive ad a quite a few awsome entris more then i aspected wich is good in away
rember i hast to be a flora and helia adventure story like my nature and the bady and part of nature amd the hallow scare which i will continue tomorrow things have been a bit hectic at home cause most of you know i have adhd dislecia and family troubles that ehy it hard for me and also i do my stories...
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"Give me that", said Fiona snatching the paper from Clestine's. She glanced at the paper and looked back at celestine with a smirk which meant 'you're pathetic'.
Turning the paper around she began reading it.She ran her eyes through the writing.
"What does it say?" Asked Marine eagerly.
"It says that the fire is only a warning...Warning....."
"Warning? Who is warning us? Why should they warn us?What is this all about?" Spoke Celestine furiously.
"Celestine, calm down", said Fayne."We better show this to Fargonda or grizelda."
"Yeah, we should do it quick", said Marine.
"I don’t think so",...
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Selina was never one to listen to the rules, mostly because she usually got out of the accepting the consequences. At a certain point the girl decided that she was above the law.

And it was this that lead her into ignoring Griffin's warning; "The Legendarium is a powerful book. It is not to be reckoned with. Once or twice is okay, but don't overuse it."

Naturally this only inspired her to use it more and more and for the pettiest of reasons. What would Griffin do anyways? Try to steal it?

Selina scoffed at the thought as she placed her hand on the book, set to summon up a creature strong enough...
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