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The Winx Club List Article

List of Winx Nick Episodes and Airdates (Including Season 5!)

List by stellamusa101 posted over a year ago
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These are on Nick only, including season 5's!!

Winx Club

Seasons 1 (60 minute specials)

101    Jun-27-2011    Winx Club
102    Aug-1-2011    Revenge of the Trix

Seasons 2 (60 minute specials)

201    Sept-18-2011    The Battle for Magix
202    Oct-16-2011    The Shadow Phoenix

Season 3

301    Nov-14-2011    The Perfect Dress
302    Nov-15-2011    Valtor's Plan
303    Nov-16-2011    Monster's Escape
304    Nov-17-2011    Stella's Truth
305    Nov-18-2011    Andros in Danger
306    Nov-28-2011    Aisha's Courage
307    Nov-29-2011    Heroes of the Past
308    Nov-30-2011    Diaspro's Deception
309    Dec-1-2011    Breaking the Mask
310    Dec-2-2011    Taking Over Cloudtower
311    Dec-5-2011    Facing the Enemy
312    Dec-6-2011    A Journey to Lynphea
313    Dec-7-2011    Tecna's Sacrifice
314    Dec-8-2011    Revenge!
315    Dec-9-2011    Dragon Quest
316    Dec-12-2011    Building Hope
317    Dec-13-2011    The Omega Mission
318    Dec-14-2011    The Musem of Magic
319    Dec-15-2011    Back to Solaria
320    Dec-16-2011    The Pixies Fight Back
321    Dec-19-2011    Beyond the Magic Dimension
322    Dec-20-2011    Finding Your Way
323    Dec-21-2011    The Water Stars
324    Dec-22-2011    Seeking the Truth
325    Dec-23-2011    Valtor's Fury
326    Dec-26-2011    The Final Battle


1    Mar-11-2012    Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Season 4 - The Power of Believix

401    May-6-2012    The Wizards of the Black Circle
402    May-6-2012    Fear in Pixie Village
403    May-13-2012    Winx on Earth
404    May-13-2012    Magic Pets
405    May-20-2012    Ogron's Spell
406    May-20-2012    A Fairy Found
407    May-27-2012    I Believe in You
408    May-27-2012    Hidden in the Country
409    Jun-3-2012    Nebula's White Circle
410    Jun-3-2012    The Audition
411    Jun-10-2012    Superheroes
412    Jun-10-2012    The Pets' Pursuit
413    Jun-17-2012    Roxy's Energy
414    Jun-17-2012    Bringing Magic Back
415    Jun-24-2012    The New Witch in Town
416    Jun-24-2012    The Virtual Hideout
417    Jul-1-2012    Island Tricks
418    Jul-1-2012    Diana's Attack
419    Jul-8-2012    In the Amazon Forest
420    Jul-8-2012    Diana's Redemption
421    Jul-15-2012    The Fairy of Justice
422    Jul-15-2012    Aurora's Tower
423    Jul-22-2012    Bloom's Challenge
424    Jul-22-2012    The Wizard's Trap
425    Jul-29-2012    Home at Last
426    Jul-29-2012    Duel in the Omega Dimension

Season 5 - Beyond Believix

505    Aug-26-2012    The Lilo
501    Sept-2-2012    The Spill
502    Sept-9-2012    The Rise of Tritannus
503    Sept-16-2012    Return to Alfea
504    Sept-23-2012    The Sirenix Book
506    Oct-7-2012    The Power of Harmonix
507    Oct-14-2012    The Shimmering Shells
508    Oct-28-2012    Secret of the Ruby Reef
509    Nov-4-2012    The Gem of Empathy
511    Nov-11-2012    Trix Tricks
512    Nov-18-2012    Test of Courage
513    Nov-25-2012    Sirenix
510    Dec-9-2012    A Magix Christmas
514    Feb-17-2013    The Emperor's Throne
515    Feb-24-2013    The Pillar of Light

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