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"Roxy, try to attack." Bloom said.
"I already did." Roxy tried to make a shield. "See?"
"Looks like we've got a terrible enemy!" Stella sighed.
"We have to investigate who did this. It might be someone in Alfea, it's possible. Or Red Fountain, or Cloud Tower. Or…" Layla stopped.
"Looks like we will be checking up 't' for 'taking powers from a fairy'." Flora said.
"Yeah. We've got some competition!" Musa said.
"Who's the evil mastermind that did all this?" Stella asked.
"I don't know," Tecna said.
"Guys, my powers are gone, and I can't hear what animals say, I can't even feel their thoughts!" Roxy explained.
"It's okay. Whatever happens, we'll do it together." Bloom said.
"Yes. Winx, I'm afraid I know who did all this." Faragonda said.
"What?" Layla asked.


"Long ago, in ancient history, there was an evil queen name Regina. She has the power to take a power from someone. Now, she is out there on Earth, and disguises herself as Regina Mills, a police officer." Faragonda explained.
"Regina Mills? Pretty sure I heard that name as the 10 most fashionable girls!" Stella said and they all laughed.
Flora sighed.
"Now, we have to go to Gardenia?" Roxy asked.
"No. The evil queen is now in Rome, Italy." Faragonda answered.
"Why was Daphne in my dream? And was she speaking Italian?" Bloom asked.
"Well what did she ask?" Faragonda asked.
"Inviò to Domino," Bloom answered.
"Yes, that's Italian. Though I do not know what it means," Faragonda replied.
"Let's go to Rome, Italy!" Layla and Musa said.
"Haha! Let's go!" Roxy said.
Haha! Let's go!


Bloom and the Winx Club went to Rome, Italy.
"Wow! This is just like Paris, France!" Stella said.
"Right, and why are we here again?" Brandon asked.
"Oh, right. We need help. Can you get our packages to the hotel named Ciao Re?" Tecna asked.
"Sure. But Stella, could you…I mean, your bag is just…heavy!" Brandon said and they all laughed.
"Sure, but later!" Stella said and walked away.
"Now where is she going?" Musa asked.
"To the police station!" Stella replied.
"Wait, what?" Flora asked and she raised and eyebrow.
"Tata!" Stella said and ran away.
"We should check up 'R' for Regina and 'M' for Mills," Roxy said.
"Then let's follow Stella!" Bloom said and they all ran away to the police station.
"And they bring us for the luggage." Sky sighed.

To Be Continued..