"All of you against me isn't fair, now is it?" Dean asked.

"Since when do you care?" Ike growled. He was focused on one thing, and that was killing Dean.

Deans hands began to glow and he summoned two huge beasts.

"There we go." He said. Everyone began to fight, but Dean was left for Helia,Ike, and Flora.

Autumn POV

I opened my eyes to see everyone fighting in front of me. I wanted to get up and help, but for some reason I couldn't move. I tried to push myself up, only to send a searing pain through my whole body. I put my hand to my head, and felt something. I brought it back down to find it covered in blood. That explains the pounding headache... The world is spinning. I begin to go unconscious, but I try to fight it... The last thing I see is some kind of creature lunging towards me before the world goes black and I feel even more pain.

Helia POV

Out of the corner of my eye I see one of those creatures racing towards Autumn. It was going so fast, the others couldn't do anything about it. It swung its claw at her and threw her against the wall. Before it got to her again, the others were taking it down.

"Ike, I need to take Autumn away from here. She needs to be treated!!" I call to Ike as I go over to Autumn. I carefully but swiftly pick her up and sprint out of the cave. I hear footsteps behind me, so I go faster.

Once I finally get to Alfea, I run through the halls, ignoring the shocked stares of students. I get to Ms. Faragondas office and barge in without knocking. All of the teachers from the three schools are there, I assume having a meeting. They look at me, confused. Saladines face was the first to twist into a terrified expression, noticing his nephew holding his bloody and bruised niece in his arms. No words were spoken as everyone got up and hurried me and Autumn to the Infirmary as fast as they could. "I think Dean might be following me!" I say in a hurried whisper. My theory was proved correct when Dean burst through the door, ready to attack anyone in his way. I was determined not to let him get his filthy hands on Autumn. I exchanged a worried expression with the teachers before I mouthed for them to distract him. While the teachers shot him with all they had, I walked over, opened a window, and looked down at the drop. It was a far one. I shot my laser string at one of the balconies and took one last glance at the teachers before jumping. Once I was down, I saw the others get out of the forest.

Normal POV

"I thought you were going to get her treated!!!" Ike said.

"I was too late. Dean was right behind me, and now the teachers are fighting him." Helia said.

They ran inside to find the teachers except Saladine all knocked out. Dean had Saladine at knifepoint while talking to him.

Autumn POV

Once again, I forced myself awake. I found myself in Helia's arms, and it looked like we were in Alfea. I was relieved until I saw mine and Helia's uncle, Saladine, at knifepoint by Dean. "Leave him alone!" I said in a loud whisper. Everyone's attention turned to me. Dean smirked and held the knife closer to Saladines throat.

"I said leave him alone!" I said, gathering up every ounce of energy, magic, and strength I had left and shooting it at Dean. It sent him across the room, but as long as he was away from Saladine I was ok. The world began to fade into blackness. I, again, fought it. This time, my lungs tightened and I felt pain shoot through my body. I gasped, trying my hardest to breathe, and closed my eyes.

Normal POV

Helia gasped. "She is not breathing!!" He called frantically. Saladine and Ike rushed over there, and they all tried to help. Flora angrily tied vines all over Dean as Ike walked to face him.

"It's over, Dean." Ike said as he shoved his sword through his chest.

Now all they had to do was get Autumn back.