Heartbroken Chapter 1
Hey Guys, I tried to write a fanfiction. This fanfiction is my first FF on this spot. Hope you will like to read it. It took me some time to choose the story and it’s plot and it’s title too and I was thinking of making a FF since a long time and now I have finally made it. This FF contains suspence, romance, adventure and most Friendship. In this story Bloom along with her winx friends goes through several problems. Below is the starting scene of the story. Enjoy guys.
“Hey Bloom! Wanna do for shopping?” Flora asks bloom in excitement. “Flora, she is in no mood of talking or going anywhere. Will you stop shouting?” Stella says to Flora in a sad voice. “What happened dear? Why are you so sad Bloom?” Tecna comes inside room and asks her. Bloom comes and hugs Tecna, her eyes were full of tears. “What happen to you Bloom? Why are you crying?” Tecna asks and hugs her back. “It’s over!” she said two words and sat on a sofa that was placed near. “What’s happening here, would anyone tell me?” Musa asks as she comes late and doesn’t know what was happening. “Sky cheated Bloom. He’s a dump, he doesn’t deserve Bloom. I didn’t knew he is so mean.” Stella was in angry mood. “You girls might have misunderstood him. He cannot cheat Bloom. We all know how much he loves her.” Tecna replies.
“Let’s except it Tecna, why would Stella lie to us?” Musa said in anger. “I am not saying that Stella is lying. You know what I mean.” Tecna replied wisely. “I don’t want to listen anything on this topic now. No one will talk about Sky. I don’t even want to hear his name.” Bloom went out of the room, with tears falling down of her eyes. Flora said to others “She’s so sad, I never saw her so sad before.” Musa replied “What Sky did was so wrong; I would have punched him and kicked him if anyone had done this to me.” Everyone was quite for a while, the room was filled with silence and there was sad expression on everyone’s face. “Don’t you think we should make her happy by doing something special for her, something which will make her happy? So she can feel that she is special” Stella asked with a little consciousness on her face. “This is the least we can do for her” said Tecna. “But what will we do?” asked Flora. Again there was a silence in the room and after a thinking a while Musa shouted “I got it! I got it!” “What did you got?” asked Tecna. Everyone was looking at her in excitement and then Musa answered “There’s a party tomorrow in arranged by students and there will be so many people. She will definitely feel good by seeing so many people and who knows maybe she will make some more friends? What you guys think?” “That’s fantastic idea. I didn’t know you can think so high.” Flora says in a naughty tone. “I will go to Bloom and make her agree to go in the party. It will be hard but I will manage it.” Stella says. Winx Girls were looking tired so they decided that it is better to talk to Bloom about the party tomorrow. And they all went to their rooms for taking a nap.
keep active to know what will happen next. To see whether Bloom will agree to go to the party or not. Will Sky be there in the party? And to know what actually Bloom saw that she don’t even want to see Sky.

To be continue ....