Chapter 2

Sky’s Dilemma

While Bloom was sleeping on her bed a ray of sun falls on her face which disturbs her. And then a voice comes inside “Good Morning dear, have some tea Bloom.” Tecna said to Bloom. “What’s the time Tecna? And thanks for the tea.” Bloom replied with a sweet smile. Tecna thought that Bloom is in a better mood. She was worried if she was still sad but after seeing Bloom she was little relief. “Would you like to come for breakfast Bloom or Should I send the breakfast to your room?” Tecna asked. “I will like to have breakfast with you guys.” Bloom replied. “Okay then, I am going to call others too till then you can be ready Bloom.” “Sure don’t worry about it”. Then Bloom went to the Bathroom and Tecna went to meet others.
“Hey everyone, Bloom is coming downstairs. We all have to behave normally. No sympathy or something like that. It will remind her of Sky. Got it?” Tecna said. “Yeah got it, by the way today I have made Bloom’s favourite dish.” Flora said. “That’s great but when we will ask her to come to the party?” Musa asked. Tecna was going to answer but suddenly they heard steps and that was Bloom and everyone tried to hide this from her. “Hi everyone” she said in a soft voice. “Hey Bloom! We were waiting for you. Come and sit here.” Stella said politely with a smile on her face. For a while all of them were silent as if they wanted others to start conversation. Musa couldn’t do this anymore and she said. “Bloom I was thinking...hmm...” she stopped as she was afraid that Bloom will say no to her. “What you wanted to ask Musa? You were telling something to me, please continue.” Bloom replied her. With nervousness she began “You know today there is party arranged by our mates and we all are planning to go there I thought it would be good if you will join us. What you think Bloom?” “Oh that’s a great idea I will go with you guys.” Bloom replied. She was sad, very sad, but she doesn’t want to make her friends upset because of her. So she was behaving as she recovered from what happened with her. After having breakfast Musa and Flora went to library, Stella and Tecna went to buy some veggies. And Bloom was alone at home, she thought it would be good to write what she was feeling today in her diary. She was very fond of writing. Here’s what she wrote in her diary:-

Dear Diary,
I am not feeling well I never felt as sad as I am feeling right now. I had spent such a great time with Sky. It’s hard to forget those sweet memories. He was my life; I couldn’t even think that he would leave me. He said me that he loves me and he will never leave me alone. And now he broke that promise. You know what, I am very lucky that I am having such a great friends. They were trying to make me happy today and trying to behave normally but I know they were sad and I don’t want to see them sad because of me so I decided that I will go to the party that is today. I will continue to write about my day when I will be back diary. Till then bye.

Then she took a book ( that was a novel ) and start reading it. Tecna and Stella went to SuperMarket to buy some veggies and some household. It was a sunny day and they were wet by their own sweat. Suddenly a guy comes in front of them that was Sky. He said “Hi girls, doing shopping? May I join you?” and he smiled. “What do you think Mr.Sky, after what you did to our friend we will allow you to join us? What you did was shameless and don’t think that we will forgive you! And don’t dare to come before us or to meet Bloom. She hates you.” Stella said in anger. “Whoa! Whoa! Wait! What have I done? And Bloom hates me? For what?” Sky was confused. “Don’t be so innocent, you know what we mean. Let’s go from here Stella I don’t want to see this man’s face.” Tecna said and then both of the girls went from there. Sky was in confusion he thought he should talk to Bloom about this. So he picked his phone and called Bloom but Bloom didn’t pick her phone she ignored. And then Sky got tensed he didn’t knew what to do after trying a while he thought he will ask why Bloom and others are angry from him in the Party. He went away in a sad mood. When Sky reached home he saw Krystal their and then tried to behave as he didn’t saw her and move forward. Krystal stopped her and said “Hi Sky, how are you?” Sky said in a low voice “Sorry Krystal please don’t think that I don’t want to talk to you I am not feeling well so I will talk to you later.” He was just going to go from there. “Oh baby, what happened to you?” She continued “You can tell me maybe I can help you Sky, trust me.” She waited for Sky to reply. “I don’t know what happened to Bloom and her friends. I met Stella and Tecna in the Market and tried to talk with them but they didn’t talk to me and instead said that I cheated Bloom. I donno about what they were talking. I made a call to Bloom but she didn’t pick it. They all are very angry from me and I don’t know the reason. I will go to Bloom’s house and tell her that I am not cheating her and I love her more than I do to anyone and more than I do to myself.” He stopped and sadness could be seen in his eyes. Musa and Flora were coming back from the library and Krystal saw them and suddenly she hugged Sky when she saw Musa and Flora coming near and said “Don’t worry baby, I am always with you. What if your friends left you, they don’t deserve you. I am with you always. Don’t be sad” Sky was sad and he didn’t knew Krystal’s plan so as a friend he hugged her. And at the same time Musa and Flora saw them and Musa said in anger “Now I knew why Stella was so angry, I will kill Krystal and Sky. How can he to do this to Bloom!” and they moved away from there. And Sky said “Do you know Krystal I am lucky to have such great friends and I know they just misunderstood me they are good. They love me. It will be alright again, I believe...” Krystal said “Yes, it will be. I have a plan why don’t we go to the party, it will refresh your mood.” “I think you are right, I will get to meet some of my friends and tomorrow I will go to Bloom’s house.” After saying this he says bye to Krystal and go to his house. After Sky went inside krystal says to herself “Sky is mine now. I am just waiting for the Party, how much fun it will be to see Bloom’s face when she’ll see me with Sky again.” And she too moves towards her house.

Will Krystal be successful in her dirty plan? Will Bloom trust Sky again? To know these keep active to read next chapter “The Party”.
To be continued...