The scene
The king and queen made all of the guests leave. Then they called an ambulance to come take Flora and MIele to the hospital. Helia stayed by Flora's side in the ambulance while the rest took the ship. While Miele and Flora got a binch of tests the winx, specialists, and Flora and Miele's parents waited in the waiting room. After about an hour the doctor came out.

"Your majesties, and winx and specialists. We've figured out what happened." The doctor said.
"Out with it." The king said impatiently.
"Apparently they breathed in Tirigeomus."
"What's that?" Brandon asked.
"It's a very, very, very old concoction that was designed only to knock out nature fairies." The doctor explained.
"But of all the nature fairies that were there, how come only Flora and Miele got affected by it?" Tecna asked.
"Well they both could've been closer to the source than all the other fairies. Therefor them being affected first."
"And since all the other guests had to leave no other fairies were affected." Tecna asserted.
"So doctor, this Tirigeomus, how long does it usually last?" The Queen asked.
"The last time I had a case like this, the patient was out for about hours. But the patient was so young. 6 I believe. How old are the princesses?"
"Flora is 21 and Miele is 18." The Queen answered.
" Well I can assure you that Princess Miele will gain consciousness quite some time before Princess Flora will."
"How do you figure?" Sky asked.
"One thing about Tirigeomus is that it lasts longer on older folks."
"Oh boo." Stella commented.
"It definitely won't be until noon tomorrow that Princess Flora wakes up. The doctor informed.
"So I guess we should all just, come back at noon tomorrow?" Aisha suggested.
"That's the only thing we can do." Musa agreed.
"We'll all meet back here at 1:00 P.M tomorrow." The King said.
"Yes your majesties." The winx and specialists said.
"Thank you doctor. Goodnight all." The Queen said while they all left.
"See you all tomorrow." The doctor said while sitting back at her desk.

So the King and Queen went back to their palace the specialists dropped the winx off at Alfea and then they went back to Red Fountain. Helia checked his watch. It was a quarter to 10. He grabbed his helmet and jumped on his Leva bike.
"Helia, where are you going? Curfew is in 15 minutes." Timmy asked.
"Don't worry I'll be back in time. I just have to take care of something." Helia said quickly then sped off.
The specialists all shrugged then went to their rooms.


The winx were all silent when they walked into the dorm. They all got into their pajamas, said goodnight to each other and then went to bed.

The next day

The winx , specialists, and the king and Queen met back at the hospital at exactly 1:00P.M Helia brought a bouquet of purple flowers with him.
"For Flora?" Stella asked him.
Helia nodded.
"For Flora."
They approached the Doctor's desk.
"There you all are. they're both awake I'll go get them now." She went into one room and the 2 seconds later came out and went into another room. When she came out she quietly said to them, "One of you should always have an eye on them. Especially princess Flora, The amount of Tirigeomus she inhaled was big and could make her wobbly."
They all nodded. Then Miele and Flora came out of there rooms.
"There they are!" The doctor exclaimed.
They were both in different clothes but they were still ravishing. Helia slowly walked up to Flora and gave her the bouquet.
"Carnations! They're beautiful thank you Helia." She said while taking them and kissing him.
"Aww." The winx and Miele gushed.
"Goodbye winx and specialists." The king queen and Miele said while walking out the door. The winx and specialists themselves started to walk out the door.

The winx and specialists left the hospital and then took the ship back to red fountain and from red fountain started walking in the direction of Alfea. But they made a turn that took them to the pond where a picnic was laid out.
"What's this?" Flora asked.
"Well since your ball got ruined, we wanted to still do something nice for you." Aisha explained.
"But that's not it..." Stella said.
"Come on out." Bloom said.
Out from behind a tree a girl came and ran over and hugged Flora.
"Calypso!" Flora exclaimed.
"You can thank Helia for that one." Flora turned and quickly hugged Helia.
"Thank you so much!" Flora yelled a million times.
"Your welcome." Helia said while kissing her.
"Now let's dig in!" Stella yelled while they all walked over to the feast.
Flora, Helia and Calypso were sitting together in a spot against a tree.
"This tree is very special to me." Flora said.
"Why is that?" Calypso asked.
"This was where I recieved a portrait of me." Flora replied.
"I remember drawing that." Helia laughed.
"You two are adorable." Calypso commented.
The two blushed.

Flora's POV

I know my face is cherry red right now. The three of us laugh until something starts bothering me. I hear someone saying my name and I know it's not any of the winx or specialists. I listen to it.
"Do you guys hear that too?" I ask.
"I hear it." Calypso says.
"I don't hear a thing." Helia says.
"I hear someone saying my name,I'm gonna go check it out." I say while getting up.
"You guys coming?"
"Yea." They both say while getting up.


Flora, Helia and Calypso start following the direction of the voice, until they couldn't hear it anymore.
"I think it stopped." Flora said while stopping in place and listened.
Nothing but chirping birds and swaying trees.
"That's odd." Helia said.
"Let's go back. It was probably nothing but our senses fooling us." Calypso said.
"Yea lets go." Flora agreed while hesitantly turning around. They started walking back to the picnic.
"So how long have you guys been together?" Calypso asked seeking to make small talk.
"About 3 years, right?" Helia answered.
"Yup." Flora agreed.
"That's a pretty long time." Calypso commented.
"Yup." Flora said again. They continued making small talk, no one noticed the tentacle slithering behind them. No one noticed until it wrapped around Flora's leg.
"Hey!" Flora shouted while trying to unwrap it.
It soon pulled her on her back and started pulling her.
"Flora!" Calypso and Helia yelled.
"HELP!" Flora yelled back.
"Helia, you go get the rest of the guys and I'll go after her." Calypso instructed.
"You got it." Helia said while running off.
Calypso transformed and flew after Flora.


Helia came running out of the forest and quickly got the winx and specialists attention.
"" He said through his panting.
"Lead the way."Brandon said while they followed him into the forest.


They were shocked at what they arrived to see. Calypso was struggling to get up off the ground and Flora was nowhere to be seen.
The winx and specialists quickly went to her aid.
"What happened?"
"I happened." A voice said while walking out from behind a tree. All heads turned to her.

<Author's Note>
So here's chapter 4. I hope you liked it and the name Tirigeomus. I was being as random as I possibly could. Please leave comments and of course, stay awesome ;)
The flowers Helia gave Flora