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Layla walked inside and quickly slammed the door behind her.

"It's gotten worse." Darcy said.

"What has?" Icy asked.

"The vessel." Darcy answered.

"I thought you said it wasn't as dark." Icy glanced up.

"I was wrong." Darcy practically whispered.

"How wrong?" Icy questioned.

"I can't get it out of her. I, I'm usually always able to get them to leave. But this one. This one latched on tight." Darcy led the other witch up the stairs.

Musa lie face up on the bed, her body covered in lashes, cuts, bruises, and punctures.

"She did most of it herself." Darcy pointed out. "I tried getting a real exorcist. Refused to set foot here."

"But of course." Icy took a seat across the room.

"I was hoping you could try." Darcy prompted.

"Me? You want me to do the exorcism?" Icy gave a cynical laugh.

"They seem to listen to you best when you tell them to screw off." Darcy pointed out.

Icy let out a sigh and drew closer to the bed. She began to mutter words in many tongues. And at the words 'část cesty' the fairy let out an awful sound akin to ear splitting shriek mixed horrendously with the most inhuman snarl.

"Vos can non indicasti mihi quid faciam. Ubi ad. Quo infestare. Haec mea. Me. Et erunt mihi in custodiam." Musa growled.

"What the hell is she doing!? What is she saying?" Stormy shouted as she burst into the room--a group of faeries not far behind.

"You can't tell me what to do. Where to go. Where to infest. She's mine. Mine. Mine and mine to keep." Icy translated. "It would appear that Darcy is right. We have a determined one."

"Well then what are you waiting for!? You so need to do something!" Stella threw her hands up.

"I'm working on it." Icy hissed and began muttering.

Musa began quivering viciously. She rolled to the side and then back on to her back. And then she jolted up. Icy continued the muttering. The fairy let out another pained howl one in her own vocal range and then one laced with that of a demon. She hunched over and began coughing. Coughing until scarlet stained the bed sheet.

"Stop it you're hurting her!" Tecna yelled. Icy ignored the fairy and kept chanting. The coughing came on more vigorously. And she toppled off the bed. "I said stop!" Tecna yelled again, this time giving the witch a forceful shove.

Icy's facial features tensed in new found blood lust. "You want me to let her die?" She asked. "I let her die." The woman didn't hide the venom leaking into her words.

"You're already killing her." Stella accused.

"No, I'm helping her. It is killing her. And if I don't get it out she'll die anyhow. So? Do you want her to die fighting or die without ever having a chance?"

No one spoke. After a moment Icy answered the silence. "That's what I thought. Darcy, Stormy, why don't you two give me a hand."

The witches nodded and continued where Icy had left off.

"Si non habeat, non potest. Denique non nemo, si non habeat, non potest! If I can't have her no one can!" Musa shrieked before swiping a hand at Icy's face.

Icy lifted a hand to her stinging face. Upon drawing it back she found it painted in blood. "Don't you think I won't hurt her" she hissed giving the fairy a swift kick in the face.

"Si non habeat, non potest." The fairy repeated. This time she began to claw at her own face; dragging her nails down her cheeks--slowly at first and by the third swipe more rapidly. Taking more and more flesh with it.

"Someone restrain her!" Icy demanded. Stormy grabbed the fairy's arms and pinned them behind her back. This elicited more screams and growls and an occasional dangerously low grunt. Icy leaned in closer, her incantation much faster. At this point the fairy was kicking and struggling. And she broke from Stormy's hold. No sooner had she freed herself did she land a punch to Icy's face. "Son of a bitch!" Icy hissed quickly withdrawing. "Shit." She covered her throbbing eye.

Darcy continued to mutter the banishing spell. All the while Musa had taken to clawing at her face again. This time she went for her own eyes.

Layla turned and darted out of the room, Stella hot on her trail. "I so think I'm gonna be sick." The blond wailed.

"Bathroom's that way." Layla pointed. "I gotta. I'm gonna go get some fresh air while the sun is still up." She glanced at the clock; a half hour would be more than enough time for that.

"She's going to claw her own eyes out!" Stormy hollered.

"Well let's just delay that, shall we." Icy murmured as she covered the fairy's eyes in a sheet of ice. The demon within her hollered.

"Icy." Came a voice from in the door way. No. It wasn't one voice. There were two. One very soft, deep and wispy and the other--Icy turned to face her--Bloom's tired voice.

"I thought you took care of her!" Icy shouted at Darcy, frankly angered by the fact that literally all hell breaking loose. To think all she planned on doing was reading her novel.

"I did! I had her fixed, she was recovering and..." Darcy started.

"And you left her alone. I thought you were the smart one." Icy huffed.

"Icy I can help." Bloom offered.

"Is this Bloom speaking or the spirit. Either which way I can guarantee that you're useless in this situation." Icy sassed.

"This is Jyne." Bloom cocked her head slightly.

"Jyne." Icy whispered, voice barely audible.

"Who's Jyne?" Flora asked. "Get her out of Bloom."

"I'm a bit busy sweetheart." Icy sneered. "Jyne is the least of our problems anyhow."

"Let me help you." Jyne offered again, this time more firmly.

"Don't tell me what to do Jyne." Icy yelled.

"Her name is Bloom." Tecna corrected.

"Bloom...Jyne, whatever! They're sharing a body and right now Jyne is doing the talking!" Icy declared.

"Icy, pay attention." Darcy suggested.

Icy whipped her head back around only to see Musa lunge at her. "Son of a..." Icy started and her head met the floor.

Bloom-Jyne let out a sigh. "Why don't you ever listen to me?"

"Bite me Jyne." Icy muttered before blacking out. Her body faded away.

"What just?" Tecna started.

"That's what happens when you fight a demon like Ibinu. Don't worry, she'll be back." Bloom-Jyne shrugged. She pressed her index finger to Musa's head and muttered a cleansing spell. The fairy dropped to the floor, a dark cloud spilled from her mouth and drifted to the ceiling. "And she will be fine too."

Jyne stepped out of Bloom's body. Flora yelped and jumped back. "You're face..."

"Well I don't know what you were expecting." Jyne shrugged, the maggots dangling from her empty eye sockets wriggling slightly around her peeling flesh.

"Aren't good ghosts supposed to be...ya know..." Flora started.

"Beautiful? Normal? Who are you kidding? You really are the most painfully optimistic faeries. I always thought Icy was just exaggerating."

"You know Icy?" Tecna asked.

"I've only been haunting her house since she moved in." Tecna assumed Jyne would be rolling her eyes if she had them. "She usually complains to me. At first she would tell me to stop listening in and let her complain in the privacy of her own lonesome bedroom. But I didn't listen and so she just started complaining to me. Mostly about you guys."

"Why do you listen?" Flora asked.

"Because that's my job. To listen to her." Jyne answered.

"What do you mean." Flora asked.

The entity gave a rotting smirk and stepped through the wall.

"Is no one going to ask how Icy used magic when none of us can?" Tecna asked.
Layla took a deep breath letting in the autumn air. It tasted of pine and ash trees mixed with a hint of cider and burning leaves. Normally Layla would invite Flora outside so they could enjoy the brisk autumn air together. But this time was different. The air was still no more welcoming than it was on the first night. In fact, the more Layla focused in on it, the more uncased she felt. Layla got to her feet and stretched her arms. What was she thinking coming out here anyhow!? She'd just seen a demented little boy out there. She turned to go inside when something struck her on the head.

"Do ya wanna play with me?" Called a young boy with a British accent. "None of my sisters want to play with me. And mum's a bit busy."

Layla looked up. He was a little boy of about ten, his hair a raven black. Eyes a shade of baby blue.

"Who are you? Where did you come from." Layla asked.

"My name is Simon. I live around here." He picked up the ball he had thrown at Layla. "Come on, don't you want to play?"

"I guess I can...for a little while." Layla looked up at the setting sun. "But not for too long."

"Come on then." He laughed and dashed into the forest.

"Wait up!" Layla called. "Don't go in there."

"It'll be fine. I play in here all the time." Simone called and shot her an innocent smile. "I want to show you where I live."

"Will we have time to get there, is the forest like the shortcut?" Layla asked.

"Sure we will." Simone chuckled. "I have all the time in the world."

"Well I certainly don't." Layla muttered.

Simone ignored her and ran deeper into the forest. Layla could hear the churning of the lake.

"Alright look kid..." Layla started.

"We're here! We're home!" Simone announced as he pushed away some thickets to reveal a murky lake.

"This is my home." He turned around and fixed his eyes on Layla, his eyes turning to a penetrating unnatural blue.
His cloths set fire, the ball dropped from his hand and rolled to Layla's feet.

"Help me." He screamed. "I don't want to die again."

Guys, you don't even know how badly I wanted to turn 'The fairy dropped to the floor, a dark cloud spilled from her mouth and drifted to the ceiling.' to 'The fairy dropped to the floor, a dark cloud in the shape of a middle finger spilled from her mouth and drifted to the ceiling.' Don't worry, I refrained!
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