Bloomix Convergence
Hello everyone!
This article is about the results for the Bloomix Transformation Countdown. I've included some comments from other users as well. I hope you enjoy reading it!

6. Stella (recieved 58% of all the votes)
I absolutely agree with Stella's Bloomix rank. Her hair is simply awfull. The outfit isn't that good either... with few words, she's got the worst Bloomix.
1Barbiemoviefan: Her hair does not work.
MissAngelPaws: Her hair and outfit are just terrible!

6. Stella's Bloomix

5. Aisha (recieved 83% of all the votes)
After Stella got eliminated, I was 101% sure that Aisha would be the next one. And I kind of agree with that rank. Her hair really bothers me, although her outfit is good.
MissAngelPaws: Even though I don't want to, I gotta admit that her Bloomix is just terrible! Her outfit is ugly and her hair is just-ugh! Seriously, why do they keep giving her big hair? It looks so ugly!
WinxClub_Stella: Her hair is all over the place!

5. Aisha's Bloomix

4. Bloom (recieved 54% of all the votes)
Okay, I'm kind of surprised with Bloom's Bloomix being 4th ranked. I really expected her going in the top 3 because her Bloomix, along with Tecna's, are the best ones. Her wings, outfit, everything...looks pretty good. But yeah, that strand over her forehead is definitely bothering. And I don't like how they made her hair look pink.
Musa_Music: I don't like her hair. There's this strand of her hair that keeps falling on her forehead. That strand of hair is annoying me.
XxXFloraXxX: I don't like Bloom's so much. Her hair looks orange! And, like @Musa_Music said, you got this weird strand over her forehead. Nope, not into this one.

4. Bloom's Bloomix

3. Flora (recieved 53% of all the votes)
I agree with Flora's being 3rd ranked. Her Bloomix is... alright looking. Nothing else to say about her's. But the thing I hate about her Bloomix are those braids. They really kind of ruin her Bloomix.
MissAngelPaws: This should go already! She looks like she's wearing a plant and her hair is ugly. Braids don't look good on her.
Musa2002: The pink and green just don't go together in Flora's Bloomix. The pink is where it shouldn't be, thus ruining Flora's Bloomix. Also, her hair is awful.

3. Flora's Bloomix

2. Musa (recieved 79% of all the votes)
I'm kind of disappointed that her Bloomix got this far. I mean, it's not THAT bad, but really, all the pink... it's just WAY too much for a tomboy. If they made Musa's Bloomix in red, it'd be so much better. Her Bloomix is ranked 4th on my Bloomix list.
Musa_Music: I like Musa's Bloomix, but I don't like her hairstyle. Also, I hate how Musa's transformations are becoming more and more pink. She used to be a tomboy who wore red instead of pink, but now she's a girly-girl who keeps on wearing pink! I'm getting really disappointed in Musa's character development from Season 4-6.
XxXFloraXxX: Well, I got two reasons: 1. Tecna's Bloomix is the only one I really like and 2. Musa is covered in pink. Freaking PINK! She was a tomboy once. I want the old Musa back! I don't want to get a barby-doll covered in pink, I want the thomboyish Musa back who I grew up with and loved when I was younger. Not cool, Nick, not cool.

2. Musa's Bloomix

1. Tecna
Her Bloomix is definitely very stunning and I am not even surprised it is the favorite Bloomix of the majority of people. I don't have problem with her being first, really. I actually expected it and I'm glad she made it to the top. Nothing else to say about hers.
WinxStellaStar: My favourite Bloomix is Tecna's so I going with Musa. I love Tecna's because her hair is stunning, and from the outfit reveals, that she's the fairy of technology.

1. Tecna's Bloomix

So these were the results for the Bloomix countdown. I agree with most of them, how about you? Please, leave comments and say what you think about the rankings. Thanks for reading!