"Where's Tecna?" Asked Stella. "She's missing the cookies!" "Um.....Stella, these are kit kats, I'll think you'll find." Corrected Musa, plaiting her glossy long hair. "I knew that!" Lied Stella, shifting her eyes rapidly. "I really do hope so, Anyway, Tecna's probally not far.......Actually, I'm not sure, poor Tecna isn't really the sort of person you'll think twice about she just sorta blends in." Sighed Musa. "Now, I think this day is special for some reason, but I just can't remember why." "Tecna did mention something, A bit earlier." Admited Flora. "But I'm not overly sure I was listening to her...." "Wow, we should really listen to her more often." Reccomended Bloom. "She'll return sooner or later." Assured Layla. "Actually I think I better look for her..After all she's my best friend, she could be in trouble." Worried Musa. "Or she could be flirting with Timmy?" Insisted Stella. "Well, if you don't want to come I guess I'm gonna find her myself." Answered Musa. "Oh, ok, I'll come to.." Hesitated Stella, although if she really thought Tecna was in trouble, she'll be out the door as quick as a solarian sun beam! "You havea heart of gold Stella, You guys coming?" Asked Musa. "I think it's important that some of us stay so when she comes back, you can stop the search." Said Flora truthfully. "Ok then, Musa believix!" Summoned Musa, as she she could hear all the tunes in the world around her, but somehow it still managed to sound funky and cool. She felt disco ball, spotlights surround her as in a amazingly powerful flash she transformed into a fairy of music: Beautiful and enchanting. "Me next, Stella believix!" Spoke Stella, realising all her sun energy as too seemed to transform into a fairy: With a sparkling, orange/yellow outfit stylish enough for the best cat walk in the world, with of course her sturdy, airborne, magical wings! "We'll need this: Ring of solairia!" She chanted as her pretty ring transformed into a big aquamarine staff. "Bye, guys!" Waved Stella and Musa and they left love and pet to adventure the now horrible waste lands of Gardinia. "Brrr, Icy's new powers really do work huh?" Shivered Musa as she and Stella fluttered around the cursed town. Stella made a zap of warmth magic from her staff to warm up Musa as a reply. "Is it just me or is this the first time you used that thing this year?" Wondered Musa. they flitted around town calling "Tecna, Tecna, where are you?" But after an hours of worth of circling Gardinia they finnaly gave up. "Maybe she's she in her home realm?" Guessed Stella. "Yeah, probally. Do us and a favour and teleport us?" Commanded Musa. "Ring of solairia teleport us to the world fo technology!" Ordered Stella as in a fracment of a second, they reached the techno realm. It was a amazing place. Big glass buildings, teleporters everywhere, and every thing seemed very advanced. Suddenly they heard cheers and applause. "It's her, its the princess!" One person shrieked with delight. "OMG, she's about to be crowned!" Called out another. "Princess Tecna's so beautiful and smart!" Clapped one. Tecna was standing excitidly on one platform, a man with a sparkly sliver tiara in his hand. "Wait a sec, Tecna's royal??????" Questioned Musa. "Why didn't she tell us?" Asked Stella. "I guess we never really asked....." Explained Musa, gobsmacked. This was it, Tecna was about to become queen of a entire realm!
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