"Roxy, what is wrong with you?!?" Demanded Bloom angrily, since when was Roxy suddenly the leader, just because she had control over the white circle?? "I am the leader, not you!"
"And you too Stella, your hate of water, it's completely illogical!" Said Timmy, still fiddling with the pistols, nobs, buttons and levers to go yet even more deeper.
"Oi, back off stella, she is much better than pinky over there ever will be!" Roared Brandon, pointing to Tecna, who simply rolled her eyes and muttered "Wow, purple hair, what a revelation!" under her breathe, no one heard.....no one ever seems to notice the fifth winx, but deep down, thats how Tecna secretly liked it!
"Guys, guys, why are we fighting over this, we should be amazed that we're a mile under sea level now!" Reminded Sky, pointing to the monitors. "Actually Sky, we're a few metres above, technically!" Mentioned Helia. "Hey, its my job to point geeky stuff like that out!!!!!!!" Whined Timmy. "Timmy you idiot!!! That has always been MY call! Its the only time any one ever notices me: To call me a nerd!" Remarked Tecna.
Before they knew it, all 11 of them were fighting each other, not paying attention to Stella, still sobbing about the water...
"GUYS, THERE IS WATER IN HERE, IT IS FLOODING!" She cried. "AND RUINING MY NEW SHOES!" "Omg, it is flooding, we're all gonna drown if we dont transform!" Gulped Musa. Instantly the winxes transformed into believix as the water rised to the waist.
"Flower power!" Chanted Flora, as a giant rose blossomed in the middle of the room, hopefully to soak up the water...but it simply wilted among the salt water. "Fishys!!" Said roxy, but the fishs she summoned just swam around a bit...very helpful! "Morfix float!" Spelled Layla, which created a morfix based dingy, which became too wet to work and sank to the floor!
The others cried some more spells, all failing miserably againest it. "I guess we'll have to page headmaster saldin A.S.A.P!" Declared Sky. "We come get someone to help us!" "OMG, theres a whole DIMENSION away! I got get outta here!" Sobbed Stella, using her power beam to create a whole big enough for her to swim through.
"NO STELLA, YOU'LL DROWN!!! COME BACK!" Ordered Bloom, her pulse beating faster than speedix wings! She wanted to go get her friend...but then whilst Stella swam out of the submarine, Flora fainted with fear. "Flora!" Shouted the others, trying to help her. Bloom was so afraid she was glued to the spot...and so were the others!

Stella was frantically frailing her arms, trying to get up to the surface. but it just drove her futher to the lonly depths of the sea. Her lungs became to feel tight, then all of a sudden, her whole life flashed in front of her: Chimera, her parents getting divorced, Mitzi, all the things she hated.....and all the things she loved too: Brandon....Stella started to shiver, the thought that she would never see him again broke her heart...she could hear the distant screams of her friends....begging her to come back but she had no idea how far up it was...."No!" She thought. "I...I want to live! I dont know what is real anymore..."

to be continued.