"Ha! We showed them huh?" Cackled Icy, who was in her secret underground lair with her three sisters: It was dark, damp and kinda spooky: but still, they wouldn't have it any other way!
"It was a evil....horrible idea sis!" Admited Stormy nudging Darcey.
"Why thank you Stormy, i agree!" Replied Darcy.
"Blowing a hole in the bottom of the submarine to get revenge on the winx: Just the sort of genius i have! Good job we had the breathing spell on!"
"Still, even i feel kinda bad about this one....what if they didn't escape?" Blushed Stormy. "I just want them to get scared, not to drown them!"
"Of course we wont, they would make it out easily with believix, it would just ruin there tacky little outfits! Besides, they would deserve it anyway!" Icy stiffled a smile. "The point is that they'll fail the mission, after all, those stupid fairies can cheese there way out of anything..."

Stella lay cold on the shoreline, drenched and dramistised, her heartbeat had faded, her breathe was swept away. her lifeless blonde strands shined in the moonlight, And even though the breeze was cold and her believix outfit was torn Stella didn't notice...
"Moon, sweet Lunnar abyis, heal my child!" Chanted a voice...it was a gorgous woman, in a stylish, misty turqoise dress, long and flowing, her deep round eyes reflected the moon and her hair was so long and beautiful: You could say identical to Stellas!
She shot open her eyes, gasping and wheezing, she clambgered to her feet. "Mum?!?!?" She questioned, peering at her mothers sweet face.
"Stella, i am so glad your okay!" She hugged her daughter tightly. "Your boyfriend was very brave, he swam after you and managed to get you to the surface while you were..er...dead and then fainted with horror when he found you weren't breathing and got washed ashore magix, i am pyshic, and teleported you here for help! He almost killed himself saving you! You've got it good with the lads sweetheart!" The woman then went on to say how she senced Brandon survived and ran to get help.
"Mum, What about the others, they were okay too right?" Asked Stella. She tried to look calm, but she was secretly freaked out.. "Yes darling, in the end they used one of your techno fairy friends to use her phone to teleport them home! It was a great idea, you and your friends are so amazing! I'm so glad your a winx!" Encoraged her mother, or queen Moona as she was called. A tear stung Stellas eye but didn't let her mum see it: She couldn't tell her about Roxy and all that firing, she would be so dissapointed!
"Oh yeah....its great!" She lied. "Mum where are we?" She asked. "On my own private island, its where i lived ever since your father kicked me out of solaria! Oh well, i couldn't stand the thought of eternal summer anyway!" Admitted queen Moona. The island was misty and mysterious...and kinda creepy...although her mum always had a bit of a dark side, she supposed. She decided to rapidly change the subject "Thanks for saving my life.....Kinda weird thinking a few minutes ago, i was dead!" Said Stella.

Back in Gardinia, Brandon stared at the photo of him and stella on there first date. Stella and him where just freshmans then....it seems like only yesterday...the others were out at the funeral, they all thinking and weeping that she had died but brandon, although he had seen it with his eyes, was to upset to go, his heart ached to much to leave hid and the other specialists apartment......."Oh god, Stella, i miss you so much i can hardly remember a time when i was happy...." he thought to himself.
Then suddenly free figures appeared: they were that of Icy, Darcy and Stormy. Brandon knew they were trouble, but he didn't care what they did to him anymore....he said nothing.
"Look here specialist! We got a job for you!" Smirked Icy.

to be continued.