Hi guys! Yep, im still doing fanfictions, but today im doing a quiz, plase comment, rate and most importantly enjoy! :) -pandawinx. :D

Q1. Your best friend is being bullied, what do you do?
A. I tell the bully politely not to be cruel to my friend and if you act like a jerk one more time you'll be in trouble!
B. Feel a sence of duty to tell someone like her mum or a teacher or something...As nerdy as it sounds you think that'll be best for your friend.
C. Tell your friend to ignore them and remind her that your much cooler than them!

Q2. Whats your dream date like?
A. An romantic movie at the cinema, holding each others hand.....With a few funny bits of course and popcorn!
B. Going to a ice rink to ice skate together before heading off to get a hot choccie with extra marshmellos!
C. Going to a resturant making yummy pizzas and hugging. Along with a prezzie from him!

Q3. Your worst trait is:
A. Ocassionally I try a bit too hard to fit in and dont always be myself..........
B. I can be slightly a show off and a tad of a boaster sometimes.
C. Well, some people say that i can be slightly cheesy.

Q4. But your best merit is:
A. I'm pretty, stylish and have good taste!
B. your very talented in lots of things like sports, singing and art!
C. I'm incredibly awesome when it comes to being a good friend and i am a good listener and trustworthy.

Q5. What job would suit you best out the following?:
A. I'd like to a famous singer or dancer!
B. It would be quite nice to be a model.
C. Rich but not famous.


Mostly As: 'Magic winx'!
Well done! You may not be at the top but if you were a fairy you'ld gain the stylish, humble, season 1 and 2 transformation! As well as having loads of cool sparkles on your outfit!
Mostly Bs: Enchantix!
Someone as talented as you could easily become a enchantix fairy if she was a alfea student! Still not the ultimate winged-form but definatly a beautiful one! Keep up the good work!
Mostly Cs: Believix!
Congratulations! You've reached the most powerful of all: Believix status. And you totally deserve it too. :)

Hi, thanks for reading. :) Plz comment and rate. I hope you enjoyed the quiz.