Fire Arrow
Heart of the Dragon
Force of Light- Helps humans believe in fairies
Fire Ball
Dragon Furry
Heat Flare
Dragon Holocaust
Dragon Twister
Flame Shield
Flame Burst
Flaming Armor
Dragon Inferno
Dragon Rage
Flame Strike
Flaming Circle Assault
Enchantix Dragon Sphere
Enchantix Flame Burst
Dragon Heart
Strength of Light- Healing Spell
Super Nova
Dragon Wing
Dragon Sphere
Inner Flame- Sophix
Ice Flame- Lovix
Ice Wall- Lovix
Frozen Dart- Lovix

Soler Storm
Solar Dance
Rising Sunburst
Solar Wind- Solaria Ring
Solar Sweeper- Ring
Sun Burst
Double Eclipse
Sun Shield
Enchantix Solar Sphere
Sunbeam Shower
Ocean of Light
Dawn of Light- Helps Humans Believe in Fairies
Sirius Shield
Solar Storm
Stardust Fury
Magic Rainbow
Cloud Breaker
Lunar Magnetism
Universal Light
Solarian Sunbeam
Solar Sphere
Solar Fury
Shower of Light
Sun Power- Ring into Staff
Drop of Light- Sophix
Crystal Light- Lovix

Autumn Wind
Winter Rose
Golden Pollen
Flower Twister
Summer Flight
Ivy Vine Wrap
Rose Kiss
Enchanted Vine Wrap
Extractor Seeds
Venus Gobbler
Green Luxurious Ivy
Air Bubble
Breath of the World-Helps Human Believe in Fairies
Spring Ring
Summer Thunder
Breath of Nature- Sophix
Untamable Nature- Lovix

Mega Watt
Defender Plate
World Wide Web
Digital Blast
Static Sphere
Electric Storm
Techno Shock
Gem of Mind- Helps Humans Believe in Fairies
Super Prism
Techno Ray
Laser Cage
Fire Wall
Superior Order- Sophix
Chilled Breath- Lovix

Harmonic Attack
Sonic Blast
Boogie Blaster
Disco Barrier
Enchantix Sonic Sphere
Stereo Crash
Magical Echo
Sonic Screen
Funky Force Feild
Enchantix Bass Boom
Sound Barrier
Boogie Beam
Bright Heart- Helps Humans Believe in Fairies
Pure Harmony- Sophix
Snow's Melody- Lovix

Morphix Shield
Plasma Wall
Plasma Burst
Morphix Wave
Morphix Tidal Wave
Andros Hurricane
Glacier Gush
Spirit of Courage- Helps Humans Believe in Fairies
Tidal Beat- Sophix
Hail Rain- Lovix
She can create Morphix into anything and that is what she uses most

Enchanted Mantle
Wolf Claw
Wild Heartbeat
Blast Beam
Scorpion Tail
Butterfly Kiss
Spider Web
Speed of the Cheetah
Claws of Iron
Monkey Paw
Tiger's Eye
Rogue Elefhant Rampage