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Isabellagirl033 posted on Sep 17, 2012 at 02:08PM
Here is mine:

Name: Violet
Status: Fairy
Planet: crystal magix
Power: Mind controlling
Hair: Short black
Eyes: Violet
Birthday: March 15
Age : 13
Color: Violet
Friends: Bloom, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Stella
Best Friend: Layla
Transformation level : Harmonix
Family: Kit (Mother), Sunny ( sister )
Enemies: The trix and Tritannus
Likes: Swimming,reading and play on digital devices
Strengths : Stubborn,bossy and smart
Here is mine:
<br />

<br />
Name:  Violet
<br />
 Status:  Fairy
<br />
Planet:  crystal magix  
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over a year ago ruxi23 said…
Name :Keisha
Status : Fairy
Planet : Electry
Power : Infinitiv Energy
Hair : Long Blonde hair
Eyes: Violet
Birhday : 10 June
Age : 20
Favorite Color : Brown
Friends : Flora,Bloom,Stella,Musa,Tecna,Layla,Roxxy
Best Friend : Roxy
Transformtion level : Harmonix
Family : Unknow
Enemies : The trix
Likes : Swiming ,dancing,playing the guitar,playing with roxy's pets,
Strengths : Energic ,Brave and sympathetic.

I use her in my fanfiction as th eight winx so don't stell don't use her in your fnfctions.

LordLestrange commented…
what does transformation means? over a year ago
wWZz3720 commented…
Trans·for·ma·tion. a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. "its landscape has undergone a radical transformation" synonyms: change, alteration, mutation, conversion, metamorphosis, transfiguration, transmutation, sea change; revolution, overhaul; remodeling, reshaping, redoing, reconstruction, rebuilding, reorganization, rearrangement, reworking, renewal, revamp, remaking, remake; informaltransmogrification, morphing "the transformation of the sales department has been dramatic" a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal. PHYSICS the induced or spontaneous change of one element into another by a nuclear process. Like Mythix and Sirenix. Bloomix and Gloomix. Enchantix and Believix. Charmix and...Lovix! over a year ago
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Name: Ariana *Power: Crystal Rainbow*Planet: Crystallia*Strengths: Care, Kindness, and Love*Likes Dancing, Reading, Baking, and Ice Skating*Enemies: The Trix and Tritannus*Birthday: December 21st*Boyfriend: Prince Daniel*Pixie: Samantha*Pet: Wendy (kitty)*Friends: Andrea, Blythe, and Kimberly*Best Friend: Kimberly*Family: King James (dad), Queen Clarrisa (mom), Jack (brother), Jessica (sister)*Transformation: Sirenix (Desairix, Royalix, Butterflyix, and Queenix)*Transformation Colors: Blue, and Silver 6 months ago
over a year ago Isabellagirl033 said…
Do have any picture of her?
over a year ago ruxi23 said…
^ Well i found a picture what i much alike of her but it's made by a deviantart user and the girl in the picture is named vita so i can not use it so the answer is i think no.Sorry
over a year ago Isabellagirl033 said…
No problem.
over a year ago Isabellagirl033 said…
You can use a base or
over a year ago MissAngelPaws said…
Name: Caitlin
Status: Fairy
Planet: Unknown
Power: Love
Hair: Long Curly Brown
Eyes: Green-Blue ( Tecna's Eye Color )
Birthday: June 26
Age: 16
Favorite Color: Red
Friends: Bloom, Tecna, Flora, Layla, Roxy, Stella, Musa
Best Friend: Roxy
Transformation Level: Harmonix
Family: Mother (Christine), Father (Unknown), Sister (Vanessa)
Enemies: The Trix
Likes: Chocolate, Art, Chearleading.
Strengths: Friendship, Confidence, Bravery and Standing Up For Herself

I have a picture of her but Fanpop wouldn't let me post it.
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PrincessLaura6 commented…
This is mine...Name: Laura, Power: Ice and snow, Likes: Chewing gum, Dancing, Enemies: The Trix, Strengths: Casting frostbite, Transformation: Sirenix, BFF: Galatea, Family: Queen Isabella, and King Antonio, Friends: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Aisha, and Daphne. 7 months ago
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Oh, and Status: Fairy and Planet: Larendise. 7 months ago
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Also, Larendise (in the 3D version) is called Icebite 7 months ago
over a year ago ginger5893 said…
Hair:Long Orange Smooth hair, in a ponytail
Eyes:Emerald Green
Birthday:March /5 /1995
Favourite Colour:Lime Green
Friends:Bloom, Tecna,Flora, Layla, Stella and Mussa
Best Friend:Flora
Transformation Level:Harmonix
Family:Mother(Emerald), Father(Citrine), Sister(Gem), Brother(Jack) and sister(Ruby).
Enemies:The Trix
Likes:Roses, Nature, Gymnastics, Coconut and Sugarplum
Strengths:Friendship, Believing in your self, Nature, Kindness and Flying
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Name: Cecilia; Planet: Asharia; Power: Crystal Melody; Status: Fairy Princess; Eyes: Ocean Blue; Skin: Tan; Hair: Red, long, curly, and in two ponytails; Transformation: Believix; Friends: Andrea, Blythe, Kimberly, and Rebecca; Best Friend: Rebecca; Family: King Daniel (dad), Queen Mary (mom), Jessica (Nymph of Believix/sister); Age: 17; Likes: Baking, Singing, Music, and Gymnastics; Enemies: Ogron and the Wizards of the Black Circle; Strengths: Music, Melody, and Beat; Boyfriend: Prince Jackson (Prince of Drinalia); Pixie: Jenna; Pet: Alyssa (puppy); Favorite Color: Pink and Blue 5 months ago
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Bonus note: I became a winx fairy when a magical connection formed in me and I got Magic Winx Charmix. During Season 3, when I still had my Charmix Stormy struck my wings and they dissolved. But Rebecca restored them with her Fairy Dust. 5 months ago
over a year ago socute4u said…
big smile
Planet- Andros
Hair(as seen below-) long black shiny hair put up in a ponytail
Eyes-ocean blue
Birthday- November 16
Age-15 and a half
Favorite color- blue!
Friends(my other OC's)- Tina, Selena, sunny, jenn
Best friend- Tina
Transformation level- Enchantix
Family- adoptive: Lucie and jakson-biological- William and Sandra.Tina(dead), Amy(dead),Victoria(unknown)
Enimies- the Trix
Likes-water, clothes, shopping, boys, blue!, jewelry
Strengths-friendship, love, gaining belief, and family

<br />
<br />
Planet- Andros
<br />
<br />
Hair(as seen bel
Ariana89 commented…
On my computer it wont let me make such a big box how do you do it over a year ago
anjevi commented…
where do u make that????? :) 3 months ago
over a year ago stellamusa101 said…
Name : Nina
Status : Fairy
Planet : Crystals
Power : Water, Spirits
Hair : Dark brown, long
Eyes : Green
Birthday : May 9
Age : 16
Favorite color : Purple
Friends : The Winx
Best friend : Musa (formerly), Stella
Transformation level : Harmonix
Family : Unknown
Enemies : The Winx's enemies
Likes : Water, shopping, fashion, music
Strengths : Friendly, creative, brave

last edited over a year ago
Name : Nina
<br />
Status : Fairy
<br />
Planet : Crystals
<br />
Power : Water, Spirits
<br />
Ariana89 commented…
your picture's on Google images too over a year ago
over a year ago tecna535 said…
Name : Lizzy
Status : Fairy
Planet : Linphia
Power : Life
Hair : Long black
Eyes : Blue
Birthday : March 18
Age : 17
Favorite color : Green
Friends : The Winx
Best friend : Flora
Transformation level : Harmonix
Family : Unknown
Enemies : The Trix and Tritannis
Likes : growing fruit and yoga
Strengths : Nice, smart and brave
Name : Lizzy
<br />
Status : Fairy 
<br />
Planet : Linphia
<br />
Power : Life
<br />
Hair : Long bl
over a year ago karamelkaz said…
Name: Sam Read Jones
Status: Fairy
Planet: Andros/Tides
Power: Crystals
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Purple
Birthday: 7 Jan
Age : 15
Transformation Colour: Light, Dark, Bright Blue
Friends: Lucy, Hannah, Lillyan, Jessie, Emma, Crystal, Nova
Best Friend: Nova
Transformation level : Harmonix
Family: Mia (Sister), Jake (Brother), Evie (Mother), John (Dad)
Enemies: Trix, Cloud Tower
Likes: Friends, Art, Winx, Alefa, Boys, Kindness, Miss F, Work, Shopping, Good side
Strengths : Smart, Kind, Happy, Brave, Creative, Friendly, Adventurous

Name: Sam Read Jones
<br />
Status: Fairy
<br />
Planet: Andros/Tides
<br />
Power: Crystals
<br />
over a year ago Keiki1402 said…
Name :Icicle
Status :Fairy
Planet :Ice Mountain(Domino)
Power :Ice
Hair :Blonde
Eyes:Icy Blue
Birthday :December 25
Age :16
Favorite Color :Ice Blue
Friends :Bloom,Stella,Flora,Musa,Tecna,Aisha(Laayl­a) and Roxxy
Best Friend :Aisha(Layla)
Transformation level :Sirenix
Family :Mom(Starr)Dad(Brendon)Stepsisters(The Trix)
Enemies :The Trix and Tritannis
Likes :Peace,Love,Friends,Shopping,Boyfriend((Co­len­),C­old­nes­s,I­ce,­
Strengths :Cold Places,Freezing Items,Skating,Swimming,Creating Ice Jewelry
last edited over a year ago
Name :Icicle
<br />
Status :Fairy
<br />
Planet :Ice Mountain(Domino)
<br />
Power :Ice
<br />
Hair :
flora7687 commented…
it looks pretty over a year ago
Stellathefairy1 commented…
where you make it over a year ago
Legitthelegit commented…
I think she used it in the Winx Club show, season 6? 11 months ago
PrincessLaura6 commented…
We are related, I have iceand snow powers, and she has ice! We are godsisters!!!!!!! 7 months ago
over a year ago karishmadesai20 said…
big smile
i will love to create my own winx club person­/gr­in.­jpg
over a year ago Edenberry24 said…
I made one too.
I made one too.
over a year ago theaganda said…
over a year ago licoriceroxs said…
where do you guys make your own winx club characters?
limited9906 commented…
edit them in paint or animation express ae over a year ago
Ariana89 commented…
you can make them at and then make a pix with it. (pix is a thing on the website.) Then take a screen shot and paste it and the crop it and then post it over a year ago
Ariana89 commented…
copy and paste the link if you need to over a year ago
over a year ago blossomwinx said…
name~ blossom
planet~ domino
power~dragon fire ice
hair~ black
birthday~ december 20th
transformation color~ turquise
tranformation level~ enchantix
friends~has none
best friend~ has none
family~ lilly(sister)
enimies~trix, cloud tower
likes~ peace, snow, light, alone time, being alone has been all her life anyway.

I am new and have no idea how to make an image of my fairy

last edited over a year ago
over a year ago cloverfairyfan said…
name~ Luna Twilight
status~ fairy
planet~ domino/sparks
power~ nature
birthday~ jan. 16
age~ 12
transformation color~green, light blue, and orange
transformation type~ enchantix-sirenix
friends~has none
best friend~none'
family~none all dead
enimies~ trix, cloud tower
likes~ nature and outside, she loves being alone because most of her life was spent alone

no idea how to get the looks

over a year ago lima1285 said…
Hair-black with silver highlight;braided
Birthday-April 12
Transformation Colors-Silver,Light Blue and Purple
Transformation Type-Charmix
Friends-Krystal, Emma, Tianna, Grace, Tara and Lexi
Best Friend-Grace
Family- Musa(Cousin), Karita (Sister), Samaya(Mom)
Enemies-Trix, Wizards
Likes-Singing, Karate, Writing Stories
Strengths-Understanding, Independant, Clever
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Name, Ashley, Status, Fairy Princess, Planet, Larendise, Power, Crystal Flame, Hair, Brown and long with curly ends, Eyes, Blue, Birthday, December 16, Age, 15, Transformation Colors, Blue, Sliver and Gold, Transformation, Sirenix (Desairix, Royalix, Butterflyix), Friends, Amy, Sarah, and Brianna, BFF, Sarahl Family, Gabrielle (sister), Alexandra (cousin), Daniel (dad), and Amanda (mom), Enemies, Trix, Tritannus, Likes, Reading, Baking, Dancing, Strengths: Believe, Love, Care 6 months ago
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Sarah* 6 months ago
PrincessLaura6 commented…
Pet, Lilly (Puppy), Boyfriend, David, Pixie, Samantha 6 months ago
over a year ago ecoelo said…
big smile
Just saying im new here!
Name: Crystal/Christy
Status: Fairy
Birth planet: Airisal
Power: Air/wind
Hair: Long wavey dark brown hair
Eyes: Violet
Age: 16
Transformation type: harmonix
Friends: The winx
Enemies: Trix and all of the winx's enemies
Bestfriend: Musa
Boyfriend: Jaime
Family: Gizmo, Baxter, Lucas(brothers triplets 8 years old) Shira(mum queen of Airisal) Ryan (dad king of Airisal)
Likes: Going out with her boyfriend, singing, dancing, playing with her powers, adventure
over a year ago Rahmona said…
My name is Rahmona I'm 11 years old and my laptop mouseisn't working properly so sorry it isn't neat BTW i'm new here :)

Rahmona is always there for her friends and always has fun!!

Name: Rahmona (LOL)
Planet: Linphea
Power: Love
The Farie Of: Love Beauty and Happieness
Hair: High ponytail Light brown and kinda naturally straight
Face: Her eyes are a Mystycal Grey and her lips are Dark Pink With i little beauty spot just above!
Age: 17
Friends: Flora Bloom Stella Musa
Best Friend: Flora!!
Likes: Having Fun and making everyone Smile!!
Magic: Uses a colourful whip (LOL just being creative) and uses the power of love
My name is Rahmona I'm 11 years old and my laptop mouseisn't working properly so sorry it isn't neat
over a year ago Sabanna_Tish said…
Hey! my name is Beatriz and literally started today on Fanpop, I love drawing winx so here is mine:

Name: Anabella
Status: Don´t know
Planet: Don´t know
Power: Dreams
Hair: Red, wavy and long...
Eyes: Hazel
Birthday: Don´t know
Age: Don´t know exactly, but like 17
Color: Green and Purple
Best Friends: Sabanna, Raquel and Marianne
Transformation level: Sirenix (but she has also developed some strange powers: Dimentix, Elementix, Desairix, Mirianix, Sparlix, Rubix and Romantix) ( I didn't invented them, someone else did but I couldn't find his or her name)
Family: Don´t know
Enemies: Two witches named Andromeda an Arianna
Likes: Rainbows, ponies, princess, flying, it looks like she never grew up...
Strengths: Dreamy, creative, intelligent, but also confident and strong...

Bonus: She does not remember anything... she just one day woke up in the middle of Alfea's nurssery with 3 girls around her, they told her she was fighting with two twins, they look like witches and that they kept calling her "Keeper"... the girls also told her that the twins said she was Anabelle, princess of the Lost Key... Since that day Anabella became friends with Sabanna, Raquel and Marianne...
last edited over a year ago
Hey! my name is Beatriz and literally started today on Fanpop, I love drawing winx so here is mine:
Ariana89 commented…
Stellathefairy1 commented…
Anabelle is a mysterious doll as i know AHH THE CONJURING lol over a year ago
bubblybubbles commented…
cute! over a year ago
over a year ago IkaRocks101 said…
Hey, I'm a new user of Fanpop, so I'm starting with creating my own Winx:

Name: Cassie
Status: Fairy
Planet: Aura
Power: Psychic
Hair: Dirty Blond, in a low ponytail with a diadem
Eyes: Brown
Birthday: July 26th
Age: 17
Transformation level: Harmonix
Friends: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla/Aisha, Roxy, and the Specialists
Best friend: Musa
Enemies: The Trix and Tritannus
Specialist Boyfriend: Josh
Pixie: Jolly
Pet: Ajax (Tiger)
Family: Romilda (Aunt), Blake (Brother, specialist)
Likes: Dance, tell jokes, and have fun
Strenghts: Brave, funny, caring, and adventorous

I might do a fan fic with this fairy! :)
over a year ago sisca17 said…
I have one to!

Name: Magda
Status: Fairy
Planet: Tarotmame
Power: Wind
Hair: Orange-red
Eyes: Like Bloom eyes
Birthday: Juny 18th
Age: 18
Transformasion level: Desairix
Favorite color: Baby blue and pink
Transformasion color: Pink
Friends: The winx club
Best friend: Bloom
Enemies: The winx club enemies
Pixie: Celine
Family: Mio (mother), Taron (father), Sparkling (sister)
Likes: Reading the book, swimming, and dancing
Strenghts: Brave, spectacular, and so wonderfull

I not have idea for the picture
Rapunzel246 commented…
Name: Snowy over a year ago
over a year ago jlelle1 said…
It actually doesn't say how so spit it do u actually make the photo??
jlelle1 commented…
also jaden is clever over a year ago