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pandawinx posted on Jan 01, 2010 at 12:53PM
Hi guys, what i'm basically doing is asking you wheather you'll like to take part in this random little roleplay i'm doing: its a little bit of fun where you pretend your a freshman at alfea...and play along here! All you need to do is fill in this here and TA DA! You can come on this forum as your alfea freshman character....heres the form, you just need to post a reply filling in the blanks:

Name (Doesnt have to be real name):
source of power:
level of magic (example:charmix,lovix etc):
Home realm:
Status (wheather your royal, noble, etc):
How you look in fairy form:
Any thing else we should know?:

Heres mine:

Name: Dutchess Telemira (pronounced tell-lee-mer-a) or Tina to her friends.
Power: Pyshic and telepathic power, she can communicate with people using her mind, tell the future and remembers everything she sees: Basically, just super intellegence! (She also glows dark blue around her when angry)
Source: Her countrys royal artifact: a onxy staff, basically a dark violet stick with a onxy at the top, without it she has no power, but she can use it for other things too like fighting and stuff.
Level of magic: standard winx transformation.
Home realm: a island with people on it called telepax. a small, foggy place with lots of rain.
Status: Dutchess.
Personality: a bit nerdy, likes to study, and write in her journal ALOT, shes very observant
and can easily tell what her friends are thinking, long story short: Quiet and clever.
Looks: Long black hair, which shines purple, misty dark blue eyes, pale skin, ruby lips, quite slim, tall oftens wears dark blue leggings with a demin skirt over it, as well long sleeved t shirt with a purple circle on it and platform boots.
Fairy form: Navy blue sparkly dress with silver, small transparent wings, long and thin, she has long light blue gloves from her shoulders to her wists, she also has her hair in a top notch and has light blue high heels.
any thing else?: She was the princess of her island but then she got this bossy, vain, step sister who was older, who then became air to the throne and got a beautiful silver tiara of power which gives her the same power, only much quicker to work, and powerfuller! Telemira got pretty upset and told her father she was off to alfea, and if she gets brilliant grades for her stay she'll get to be heir again.....

thnx for reading, i hope to here about your character soon!

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over a year ago ariel306842 said…
Hi pandawinx!!!!sorry for joining so late but i was very busy this is my fairy,
name, Twilla
power,the power of electricity
home, spark planet
personality, she is funny,nice to people and full of possitive energy

Hi pandawinx!!!!sorry for joining so late but i was very busy this is my fairy,
<br />
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Cool, thnx 4 jioning! :)

-pandawinx. :)
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
Can i join?

Name: Alice
Scource Of Power: A crystal necklace around her neck in the shape of an icicle
Level of Magix:Believix
Home Realm:Crystalazia
Status: Noramal, smart,quiet girl
Personality: Smart, quiet, niceshe is very helpful and can be mean and nasty when she has to be.
Looks: Has shoulder length hair that has lenghts.It is red with black streaks. She is tall and skinny with skinny jeans, a red and black plaid shirt with a small black denim jacket on. She has flat black and red plaid shoes on.She has silver eyes and tanish skin.
Fairy Form: She has a slivery tank top, her hair grows longer and it stops at her legs. She has a silvery skirt & Boots that red and slivr. Her wings are similair to Floras in believix but Alices's are dark purple mixed wit silver and has ice formations & patterns on her wings and her clothes.
Status: PRincess of her realm.
She i in the yellow dorm

over a year ago pandawinx said…
Thats a cool idea, and sure, you can jion. :)

-pandawinx. :)
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
big smile
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Yur welcome, and cool icon!

-pandawinx. :)
over a year ago lovebaltor said…
i know right:)
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Yeah. :)

-pandawinx. :)
over a year ago zanhar1 said…
Name: Zakkalise (pronounced Zack-a-leese)
Power: Ice
Scource Of Power: Cold weather or Diamonds
Level of Magix: Believix
Home Realm: The Ice Crystle Galaxy
Personality: She loves music and singing. She is very artistic but very mysterious. Not only that but she is also a tomboy. She is really frendily and like helping others no matter the cost.
Looks: She has long platuim blond hair with pink blue and orange highlights. She has crystle blue eyes and pale skin. She wears a light blue t-shirt with a diamond made snowflake, and those pants with the skirt over them. The pants are baggy and the skirt is neon blue with a cotton puff at the bottom left corner. Her gym shoes are a matalic silver.
Fairy form: Her hair is now braided and has silver snowflky like sparkles with a diamond crown. And her skin is slightly sparkly. She has silver and light blue sparkly eye shadow and lipstick. Her shirt is light ble almost white and sparkles with diamond spagattie straps and diamond lined bottom (this part is extra shiny.) It has a matching mini skirt. The boots she wears are sparkly too and are a slightly darker shade of blue with diamonds at the top and little snowpuffs dangling off the sides.
Status: Royalty, the princess
Dorm: Blue
Any thing else: Before going to alfea she was a relm champion figure skater. She spiclizes in potions class. Her pet peeve is when people think they are better than others. She always wanted to visit sparks.

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over a year ago Tasfee said…
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Hiya tassfee,
Sure, theres are enough spaces left for you to jion! You just need to fill in the form. :)

-pandawinx. :)
over a year ago methoslover12 said…
name: kara
power:can read minds,tell futchur, and do mind controle.
Level of magic: standard winx transformation.
Scource Of Power: the home tree in peace of mind.
homerealm: peace of mind
Status: prinsess of peace of mind
Personality: like bloom. but only a bit stronger with te will power. and the stranth thing.
looks: long brown hair, green eyes, thin,long dress, looks best in purple and
Room dorm:Purple dorm
fariy form: as cool as musica, and same color as dark bloom.
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over a year ago methoslover12 said…
i hope i didn't leave any thing out.
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Dear methoslover12, thnx 4 applying!
-pandawinx. :)
over a year ago AgyJude said…
Dear pandawinx
Can you tell who all are in which dorms and plz include blue in it.
over a year ago Zera_500 said…
Power:She is the fairy of beauty
Level of magic:Standard winx transformation
Home realm:PLANET Selp

Personality:Bossy, thinks she is the queen of beauty
Looks:Silky black hair,pale skin and green eyes.
Room dorm:Blue dorm
Fairy form:A very elegant peink and blue frock.with palm pink and blue ribbons.she wears a palm shoes.
over a year ago Zera_500 said…
This was not created for me this is created for someone else i don't remember her name and she is a fanpop user.
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Ok zera500, thats fine, it was nice of u to do the applilcation form for her. :)

-pandwinx. :)
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Dear Agyjude, sorry, i would like to but some of the applications haven't listed what dorm they'll like to be in, until then, i cant list it accuratly, but i will do it anyway.
over a year ago AgyJude said…
Dear pandawinx
It's ok then. And could you make a forum for the magix city too?
over a year ago pandawinx said…
big smile
Dear agyjude,

Sure! The form will be done in no less than seven days. If i haven't done it by then, feel free to remind me, as im a bit forgetful. :)

(Ps good idea, a magix city, you'll be crdited for it, promise!)
over a year ago zanhar1 said…
i noticed you tak suggestions, do you think you could make cloud tower and red foutian
over a year ago Elie_star said…
I agree whit Zanahar/Zakkalise... It could be nice to act as a witch or as specialist, isn't it?
Maybe we could open another spot for our roleplay????
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over a year ago zanhar1 said…
i would love to play a witch, i have a great idea for a character
over a year ago pandawinx said…
Dear zanhar1,
Good idea!
Would you like to edit your character to become a witch at alfea or to have more than one character?

Also, it makes take a while to make, as (Like i said) I am clogging up the forum, and already have a few more requests sent to me via message. However i will try to do it ASAP.

Thanks for the ideas, Pandawinx. :)