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posted by florasedge31
Helia had ran to Alfea and was at the winx's door. He knocked hard and fast until Stella opened the door.
"What is it?" Stella asked annoyed.
"Flora and Lily need your help, she told me to come get you guys." Helia said fast. Then Helia's phone beeped. He took it out of his pocket. He immediately groaned.
"What's wrong?" Stella asked.
"They got caught. They're on Lillip." Helia answered.
"Uh oh." Aisha said.
"We gotta go, Stella transportation please." Bloom said.
"On it." Stella said. She waved her hand and they left.

Lily and Flora were still being held by the guards they were going down...
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posted by Princess-Flora
the white dress
the white dress
Helia’s p.o.v
Today was the day I was going home. To my empty little home, I am still not used to her not being there by my side. Normally when I came back from a trip she would call my name and then we would run to each other, I would pick her up and twirl her around before setting her down to kiss her lips that were soft like velvet and tasted like strawberries. I missed her so much and I guess that tradition would be broken starting today. As I grabbed my bags an advisor told me and Aaron that we were going to the palace. The two of us went back to our rooms to change into something nicer...
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-------------------------------------------------------------Charlotte’s p.o.v------------------------------------------------------
What if I’m not good enough? This thought pondered through my head as I stared at my reflection in the mirror as tears streamed down my face. It was going to be my first day at a new school in the middle of the first semester, I was completely nervous after leaving my best friends and majority of my family back home after the move. I was always on the self-conscience side; but I was able to hide it with being the most popular girl at my old school and the head...
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posted by Alifya
In the Magical Dimension, there is a very dense wood with lush, evergreen trees, bathed in a slight mist and full of hidden passages and disguised paths.

It’s Dark Forest wood where a fantastic, inaccessible miniature village lies. There is a very strange, flower-shaped fountain in the middle of the village. It’s the source of life!

The houses are really tiny and are all different; some have goblin’s roofs, and others are very richly decorated. Some are even very colorful and hang from trees.
posted by CyD12
Faragonda: the got the key?!?
Kasumi: we are really sorry...
Faragonda: ok girls! its time for another mission! you need to get to the door before the witches get there!
Rosena: and how are we going to gte there?
Faragonda: the pixies will tell you the way
Ember: ok... so when we get there what are we going to do?
Faragonda: you have to stop the witches and get the key back!
Rani: and if we get there after them?
Faragonda: then you will ahve to stop them too!
Izzy: but wha about Austeja and me?
Austeja: yeah! we can get under the spell again!
Fragonda: dont worry! we already scan you and you are free...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Julien POV

I looked over Autumn as she lay still on the ground. I felt dizzy as the whole world went black.


What... What just happened? I lean on the wall as I try to collect myself before I try to collect myself before i explode. Autumn can't be dead. She can't die! I won't let it happen. Helia was shaking as he picked up Autumn, and I could tell that he was trying to withstand all of his emotions as well. As I walked over to Julien and hoisted him up, putting his arm around my shoulder and dragging him to the ship, I felt numb. I guess it hadn't yet sank in that the love of my life was...
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