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Article by sharpie7 posted over a year ago
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[b]Damon and Debra[b], starring Julito McCullum, who played Namond Brice on HBO’s [b]The Wire[b] and Michelle Zangara of the critically acclaimed film, [b]Washington Heights[b], will premiere at the 2009 New York City International Fringe Festival on Monday, August 17, 8:30 p.m.

On a stalled B train shortly after the World Trade Center attacks, Damon, a 20-something African American man, and Debra, a 40-something Italian American woman, meet on an otherwise empty subway car. As time stands still, with terrorists possibly lurking in the tunnel, their provocative exchange moves from race to relationships to revelations from past lives and present day secrets towards a controversial ending that will have even the most cynical city dweller pondering the strange dictates of the human condition. Audiences will respond to the universal themes of this very New York story and the longing for connection in a world where even the 24/7 constancy of cell phones, email, and text messaging still leaves people feeling isolated and alone.
Opinion by iloveclay posted over a year ago
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So, Isiah Whitlock Jr, or Senator Clay Davis on the show, is in a play in New York called Unconditional. It's being put on by Philip Seymour Hoffman's theater company, LAByrinth, and it's supposed to be amazing.

There are some other great actors in it too (and Anna Chlumsky, of all peopl - she was My Girl) and it's supposed to contain violence, intense drama, and S&M. It's going to be at the Public theater.

Since Isiah Whitlock is so amazing, I'm pretty sure I'm going to check it out... how could he go wrong?