The benefits of brainwave entrainment - the process of enhancing your normal brainwave state - has been known to many scientists and doctors for years. These benefits include, but are not limited to, improvements in the following areas: Temporary Pain Relief, Temporary Stress Reduction, Sleeping Disorders, General Relaxation, and Meditation.

Clinical studies have shown measurable improvement in patients through both visual and audio biofeedback with respect to attaining a target brainwave pattern.

Some of the lesser known, more exotic uses for 'Binaural Beat' Therapy, or 'Brainwave Entrainment' are related to the field of PSI, such as remote viewing, out of body experiences ( OBE ), hypnotism. While it is true that these uses are not scientifically documented, the general medical uses for audio induced low frequency has been well documented and is nationally accepted in most medical circles as 'Biofeedback' and other similar technologies.

Diffusion Noise Buffering

The Diffusion Noise is a tonally structured ambient background noise based on noise masking technologies. It has a spectrograph similar in audio response to an an office or household. It's sound is comparable to a ventilation system or a vacuum cleaner in the distance. It has it's basis in White Noise, but has been specifically 'shaped' to provide proper masking and has minimal objectionable qualities.

Delta Waves ( below 3.5 hz )

This is the frequency range associated with deep sleep. People do not dream when they are in Delta sleep.

Theta Waves ( 3.5 hz to 7.0 hz )

This is the frequency range associated with a hypnotic, deeply relaxed states of consciousness. Lucid Dreams are more prone to occur in theta. The mind is in a twilight state and is prone to free association resulting in amazing mental images. Many PSI phenomenon are noted to occur in theta such as remote viewing, out of body experiences, and astral projection.

Alpha Waves ( 7.0 hz to 13.0 hz )

In Alpha, we are awake, but relaxed. Alpha is sometimes described as the 'daydream' state as most daydream activity occurs in persons while in alpha. There are many reports suggesting relationships between people with Fibromyalgia, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD, AD/HD, and other maladies, that may suffer from excessive Alpha with little Beta activity during the normal waking day.

Beta Waves ( 13.0 hz to 40.0 hz )

Beta is associated with the fully awake, fully focused mind. High beta without alpha is associated with stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and similar issues.


Each of these frequencies occur in nature and are usually associated with a relaxed state of mind - the crashing of the waves, the babbling of a stream, the wind through the trees, etc.

Native American Indians produce theta and delta rhythms with their tribal drum rituals. It is believed that this is the source of their hypnotic states and mystical experiences.

The U.S. Government itself uses a team of psychics in the famous Stargate project. It is known that at least one member of this group use binaural beats to clear their mind prior to remote viewing.

Certain low frequency waves can produce hallucinogenic images. Some believe this to be the root of many hauntings.

Millions of people who use the Silva mind control courses in the 70's reported the ability to remote sensing abilities when alpha was achieved.