Why do we live, only to have it abruptly ripped from us?
Why do we die, if we could do so much more with our lives?
Why do we smile, when horrible things are happening to people every hour of every day?
Why do we cry, when we know that it can only get worse?
Why do we breathe, and keep on living?
While suffocating is a faster way to end this nightmare.
Why do we eat, when all it does is keep us alive for more pain?
Why do some people pray, when there’s no one listening?
There is no God, he is a myth.
There is no savior, he is false hope.
There’s only blood, those who are bleeding.
And some bad behavior, those who draw the blood.
The most useless thing there is to do,
Is living your life. It’s sad, but true…

We live so that we can make a difference.
We die when our journey is finished.
We smile because there’s something to smile about.
We cry to mourn what the world has done to itself.
We breathe because we know there’s more to live for.
While those who are suffocating must be saved.
We eat so that we can save the suffocating and starving.
We pray that things will get better.
There is a God, who watches over us and protects us.
There is a Savior, who will take us to a better place.
There’s more than blood, and we can save the bleeding.
There is bad behavior, but we can bring it to justice.
The most useless thing there is to do,
Is waste your life, now THAT’S what’s true.

Based off of- Poem 3: Why?
Week 4