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Does sharon die?

Hello fans,

I just read something that sharon dies can someone please tell me this is not true as i like sharon, and she is great in the young and resless. as she is a great charcater, and if she does die how does she die as i would like to know thanks to anyone who can fill me in!
 ridge_fan_08 posted over a year ago
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The Young and the Restless Answers

twilighter4evr said:
sharon escaped from prison because of adam then she got car jacked by a couple they took pretty much everything she had even her new fake id & car. The car she was driving went over a cliff and they found the fake id near it she's alive just on the run, everyone in GC believes she's dead though..haven't watch todays (monday) episode yet.
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posted over a year ago 
Twilighter4evr. oh awesome thank-you so much for giving me that information, i am now looking forward into seen those episodes! and if you can, why does sharon go to jail for?
ridge_fan_08 posted over a year ago
214-400-4559 said:
No, love her to get know her father soon
Better storyline.& be redeemed, be cured fm her illness

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posted 11 months ago 
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