"Human" Art
Hey everyone! So today Three Days Grace released a new single called "Human Race"! It is pretty AWESOME! Even though the band isn't the same without Adam, this new song is pretty good!

Listen to it on YouTube:

I am not sure exactly what the band is planning to do, but it looks like they are starting up again! They are going to release another album called "Human". Its going to be AWESOME! It will include "I Am Machine", "Painkiller", and of course "Human Race"!

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At the moment, "Human Race" is #6 on the "Current iTunes Rock Top 100" chart. I am super excited to see the return of this band! It is going to be AWESOME!

In other rock news, Breaking Benjamin also released a new song today called "Failure". Go check that out too! :)

Listen on YouTube:

I hope all you guys liked to hear this news! ROCK ON MY FRIENDS! :)

"Human" Album Cover
iTunes Top 100 Rock Chart