Thundercats New vs. Old Thundercats

dwyckf posted on Aug 24, 2011 at 01:35AM
Just want to know what people think about the new version of Thundercats and how it stacks up with the old version. I haven't seen the new one yet but I find it funny that these writers of today are so out of ideas their remaking our old cartoons.

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over a year ago tilohMcskittlez said…
you should watch the new version,don't listen to what all those kids who grew up in the 80's(im 13 as im writing this)say, it's actually really epic:) Ive actually been watching the old one, and like all things you can't beat the origanal;) but I think, when they made this, they actually gave the story more depth(lion-o being a teen and not a 12 year old with ripling muscles and tygra being his adopted brother..sorry,spoiler^^) so all in all you should totally check it out:)