1. Fany’s special habit is cutting her food before eating

2. Fany likes to scratch her body in her dorm (who doesn't?)

3. SNSD once left home without Tiffany by accident, and Tiffany actually came running after them in tears. (aww)

4. Fany is the youngest among 3 siblings

5. Fany is the least who washes among the 9 members

6. Tiffany is actually the funniest in their dorm.

7. Tiffany’s dad wanted her to study business.. but she cried and made him change his mind with her ‘magic'

8. Fany is obsessed with the color pink.

9. Tiffany, Sunny, and Go Ara (an actress with SM) once went over to Karaoke after dinner initially just to kill time to digest the food¡ in the end it took them 4 hours to come out!

10. Fany likes to cry (aww)

11. Taeyeon and Tiffany lived in the same dorm during their training years, before they transferred to SNSD’s dorm When Tiffany first started Yoga, she was very enthusiastic about it and begged her instructor to teach her well. Then she quit after 3 days. =p

12. Tiffany is only unlucky that her mistakes in their performances are always the one captured by the camera…

13. When Tiffany gets excited, her pitch becomes high like an ambulance siren. (however not as high as jessica's dolphin noises)

14. Tiffany claps her hands whenever she laughing. (lmao i thought i was the only one who did that)

15. Fany used to speak Korean in American accent..

16. Fanny is strong at alcoholic drinks. (woo hoo go tiffany!)

17. Tiffany use blackberry bold 9000 pink limited edition as her handphone, when jessica use the white one

18. Taeyeon and Tiffany used to be together in their dorm while the other members were leaving.. Then Taeyeon once said in chin chin with teary eyes that she was very sad and lonely when Tiffany was leaving too.. (I sense a TaeNy... )

19. Tiffany is taller 1cm than Jessica!

20. Tiffany used to think “the day I wear hanbok, its a day I got moneys” when she’s younger.

21. Tiffany eat the “bomb sandwich” made by jessica and says its delicious, *that sandwich with vinegar?

22. Although her real name is Stephanie, her mother preferred the name Tiffany and thus became her stage name..

23. Fanny had once joined taeyeon’s fan cafe but was rejected because she didn’t follow rules.

24. Fany was very emotional in their performance “Dear Mom” because her mom died when she is 11 years old.

25. Tiffany was easily scared if she saw ghosts. (it's true she even ran away from the set during a show)

26. Fanny’s shoe/feet size is 235mm

27. Tiffany’s voice can be heard by all the members in the car even though the music volume is very hard..

28. Fany’s first kiss was on the states while playing spin the bottle.

29. Fanny’s fellow members gave her the single room because she doesn’t have a home in korea. (aww)

30. whenever Tiffany is ever tricked by members, when she know it, she do the same trick to KARA’s Nicole. (what a nice friend lmao)

31. In their van… fanny puts her music too loud. (woo!)

32. Tiffany has the most scandals D:

33. Fany spits because she talks too fast.

34. Fany’s diary consists of movie tickets and she writes the name of the person she went out with.

35. Tiffany is jealous with long legged people (cough cough sooyoung cough)

36. Fany thought that tuna sandwich only consists of tuna and bread (no mayo!?)

37. Fany is scared of babies/kids and talks to them with honorifics without knowing. (maybe the Rugrats scared her )

38. Tiffany helped an anti-fan, though the anti acts bad to her.

39. During one Christmas, the other member went to their families but fany was the only one left alone coz her family is in usa… (aww! don't worry Fany im sure there's lots of ppl who would love to join u during christmas!)

40. Tiffany scared of fish’s eyes, (Guess she doesn't like Finding Nemo)

41. Tiffany is the prettiest member with a no-makeup face.

42. Fany and Jessica were in the same high school while in korea.

43. Tiffany at age 15, in spite of the lack of support from her family, she moved to Korea alone to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer..

44. Taeng ever yelled “creamy-skinned tiffany” at tiff.

45. Tiffany once said that she was Hyoyeon’s dancing teacher.

46. Her charm is liveliness but this is also her weakness.

47. Blood type is ‘O’ (the same as Taeyeon<3).

48. Tiffany loves to solve the Rubik’s cube. (I should take lessons from her)

49. In some SGB episode (dunno which one), Tiffany said that other members
refer to her as Miyoung before she puts on makeup, and after she puts on
makeup, other members would call her Tiffany.

50.Rooming with Seohyun was Tiffany’s biggest burden because she thought she wouldn’t be a good Unnie. (aww...)

51. Fany and sica don’t like A-blood type guy.

52. Tiffany is very flexible..

53. Tiffany shared a room with Taeyeon for 2 years before debut(ahem, TAENY, ahem)

54. Fany hates yoona aegyo sound..

55. Tiffany is placed in the tall team eventhough she is only 1 cm taller than sica..( poor sica)

56. Brighter than mushrooms was created when Tiffany’s bad Korean miss pronounced the original meaning.

57. When celebrating sunny and yoona birthday party, tiffany playing butt slapping with them.. Taeyeon and Fany were constantly playing with each other (ahem...taeNY)

58. When Taeyeon and I lived together, Taeyeon always killed bugs for me.”-fany

59. Taeyeon really like Tiffany’s version of “Umbrella” That she said it in chin chin and she put on the “Umbrella” song because of it…

60. Tiffany is scared of babies/kids and talks to them with honorifics without knowing.

61.If Tiffany was born as a guy,she will pick seohyun to go to date because she say seohyun will take care of her really well…(gasp, not taeyeon!?)

62. Fany likes to share her bible words to everyone!

63. Tiffany trained for 3 long years and 7 months.

64. Tiffany is named the jealousy queen(ah!taeyeon behave! haha LOL!)

65. Hans Aditya Fany n sica born at the same hospital. Later they studied at same school. Then they’re trainee under the same management. And debuted together in one group, so nyuh shi dae!

66. “Suddenly my hearts start to ache…because someone called Taeyeon their wife” - Tiffany9im loving every taeny moment.

67. Tiffany appeared on the dating show Kko Kko Tour in which she was partnered up with the Korean singer Tim.

68. Tiffany was uncomfortable with seohyun before..but now their really care each other.

69. She loves nail polish.

70. She has 3-4 ear piercings.

71. Once in a poll , Tiffany was chosen to be the artist with the best Legs. (guess she proved the long legged members wrong )

72. Fany hates her Korean name "MI YOUNG"

73. Tiffany is a High School Musical fan.

74. She has a older brother name Leo and a older sis name Michelle.

75. Tiffany ever played as a homeless girl on Music Core, when Yuri played as the girl who sits and watch her suffer,

76. Tiffany is really close to taeyeon’s parents. Tiffany will call them as dad and mom.

77. Tiffany Chose Taeyeon over Dennis Oh to be saved first…

78. Tiffany’s cooking scare SNSD and make them desperate.

79. Tiffany will be a lawyer if she not become an artist.

80. Tiffany walked to the stage with her broken leg to give a bouquet of flowers for taeng cuz SNSD win an award.

81. Tiffany voted as the 2nd member of SNSD that the 40s PD’s of KBS want to join the member’s fanclub on Good Song.

82. Tiffany’s pink scooter for Into The New World’s MV actually belong to Shindong (Super Junior)

83. Fany likes being kissed by members.

84. Fany’s favorite movie all the time is The Passion Of The Christ.

85. Jeti always sing a english Duet

86. She likes to play games in Playstation 2.

87. Once in a poll ” who do you want to date/marry the most?” , Tiffany was picked in the 2nd spot… and Taeyeon was in the 1st spot.

88. Tiffany hates her nickname “Mi Young” because she said it sounds like an ancient korean name. Taeyeon teases her too much for her to call Taeyeon’s umma and say “umma, Taeyeon is teasing me again!!”

89. Tiffany’s ideal man lives in a book. [edward cullen] she’s on edward team!

90. Fany use Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, and Anna Sui perfume.

91. Favorite jewelery brand is Tiffany & Co. (haha)

92. The first thing she most care of about opposite sex is eating manner.

93. Fany’s favorite singer is Mariah Carey

94. She watches Gossip Girl.

95. Tiffany + rayban = inseparable.

96. Tiffany was very happy when she is picked as the best mom in Hello Baby episode 11 while the others were very shocked.

97. Fany hate smokers.

98. She was featured with K.Will in ‘A Girl Meets Love‘

99.Tiffany is afraid of bugs but she once killed a bug in the legs of Taeyeon.

100. Tiffany laughed hard when she do the “DJ, put it back on” part, coz of Yuri who accidentally standing in front of her *looks like Yuri think it was remix version*

101. Tiffany has 2 older sibling… Michelle who is 8 years older than she is and Leo who is a year older… (ANOTHER FACT!!!) just like sunny, Tiffany shares THE SAME BIRTHDAY with her brother, Leo… both were born AUGUST 1, but different years!

102. She was featured in Oh! My Love to You by The Blue, with Sooyoung.

103. Tiffany love all sones~ she prays for u guys every night!!!

104. Tiffany got her talent from her mom…when she was 6,her mom used teach dances… Tiffany joined cheer leading but lost interest and studied music instead (which became her real passion).

105. She ever got crush to SS501’s Kim hyun jung for the first sight.

106. According to seohyun, it’s not true that Fany doesn’t wash… she was just so tried to do so (she goes to bed still with make up on) and washed every morning instead…

107. According to sang sang plus Tiffany drinks some of the vinegar by herself, just so that sooyoung wouldn’t have to drink a lot.

108. Tiffany immediately fell in love with KPOP because she thinks it was just as cool as American pop.

109. I feel bad bringing up this fact but Fany mom had died when she was young and gave her a new family called Snsd she also lives quite a distance from her family (Dad bro and sis) and she also said it kinda sad sometimes when every time snsd members call their parents especially their moms and she has no mom to talk to so… it hurts her…..so snsd member comfort her by trying not to bring up anything related to mom around her so she would not feel sad….( SO caring )

110. Tiffany likes writing and reading… she said she’s a big fan of literature and history.

111. Prefer to smile than show a sad face she says smiling help her go through hard times and showing a sad attitude is not lady like …. She has such a optimistic and lively attitude
Always smiling :)
TaeNy FOREVER !! <3
Isn't I CUTE ? LOL ^^