Taeyeon, u are my best friend forever - Tiffany

1. “My personal wish for the new year would be that Tiffany doesn’t fall down anymore.”

2. “You know how people turn up music volume really high when they feel happy while driving? Even in that environment, you can hear what Tiffany is saying. I guess that strains her vocal chord a lot. Tiffany often suffers from that and it makes me worried a bit.”

3. “I unconsciously open my mouth when I watch tv, so Tiffany always closes my mouth for me by pushing my chin up ever since our training days.”

4. “We spent 3 years of memorable time together,laughing and crying. I hope you stay this way forever. Let’s talk more often. I love you Miyoung.”

5. “Her voice is usually loud, even when she doesn’t fight. I woke up this morning to the sound of Tiffany’s voice.”

6. “She(Tiffany) is a jewel to me.”

- Kim TaeYeon