"It was really brave of her,really. I had my whole family supporting me. They are here with me right now,but she still doesn't have her family here and now she's so big and so popular here in Korea, and even internationally. She is one of the four members with the biggest fanbase in Korea. And she is the most well-known member internationally. Her mother would be so proud of her. I love her so much. She's my favorite." -- SNSD Jessica

"Tiffany isn't the lead dancer but she knows her weaknesses well, and so she is willing to improve. People often mistake her as the member who is weakest in dancing, but seriously she is not. She is so talented and is the most hardworking member. For example, if we had to master some choreography in one hour, she would practice for another two hours while others are already back to the dorm. So yeah, I am envious of her spirit. That makes her such an unique person. If you realize she is the favorite of almost all the members in group, including me. Haha!" -- SNSD Yuri

"She really studies hard. She became the MC for a music show and she felt so proud and studied even harder. Everyday she would study the script and write things she didn't know, and ask about words she doesn't understand and would write down the definitions. She's a really great unnie and she protects me well." -- SNSD YoonA

"All of my unnies take care of me very well, but Fany unnie is the best. The way Fany unnie thinks.... She is very innocent yet matured.She is innocent because she thinks everything in a positive way and she makes everything sounds cheerful,and she often gets bullied and pranked by us. Matured is because she is very caring and she tries very hard to take care of us. " -- SNSD SeoHyun

"I would like to have Baby Fany's bright and personality. And of course her perfect beautiful face. She was chosen as one of the best natural faces in Korea. I really like her innocence and toughness that allow her to persistently overcome any fears.Her sense of responsibility is strong as well. There are many things to learn from her. Saranghae Baby!" -- SNSD Sunny

"When Tiffany laughs,she laughs so innocently like a child. And she is very cute and childish. At certain points like speaking in front of public and taking care of us, she is matured. She's really thoughtful and considerate. It's very hard to find such girl who is so innocent and childish at all times but quite matured when it comes to big things. In this world there are always two types of people, innocent people and matured people. But she has both qualities. She has a very special charisma." -- SNSD SooYoung

"About Tiffany... It's very rare for me to speak about SNSD. Usually people would ask about After School and Wonder Girls. Yes, I am a close friend of Tiffany's. During the days before we debuted, I often talked to her compared to other members in SNSD. She and Jessica are the only members whom I can speak English to. But I tend to like to talk to Tiffany more. We often help each other in learning Korean even though we debuted in different companies. She's such a sweet girl and a caring person. She would give advices even though her advices are kind of ignored all the times. Haha! She's like a child, so pure and innocent. I miss talking to her since we are getting so busy these days. She's a very pious Christian and I really hope God would bless her all the way. Fany ah, hwaiting!" -- 2PM Nichkhun

"SNSD is an incredibly successful group. They have such excellent achievements in Asia. Tiffany, stop
working too hard already. Never ever get your legs injured anymore okay? God bless you Mushroom!"
-- 2PM Taecyeon

"Tiffany is the kind of girl who melts your heart with her charm and eye-smile. She is my ideal girl." -- 2PM WooYoung

"Every time I see Tiffany,my day gets so much brighter. Because she is the perfect diamond that is brighter than any other jewels. Keep smiling Fany!" -- Super Junior DongHae

"She can shed tears because she went through a lot of pain that people don't know about. Fany ah, we love you!" -- Kang HoDong

"Because of my introverted personality,it was really difficult at first but Fany supported me well. She's younger than me but I learn a lot from her. She's really really hardworking, and it feels comfortable around her. Her trademark? Eye-smile! Poeple say that her eye-smile is even prettier than Lee HyoRi's. Lots of my friends fall for her because of her eye-smile. Fany ah,please keep that beautiful eye-smile of yours and keep being cheerful!" -- Kim HyeSung

"When I had an interview with SNSD,Tiffany suddenly ran to the corner and asked me keep away from her. Reason is she just ate chicken ribs and her mouth smells. Yea,she is such a caring and kind girl. I'm her fan." -- Kim ShinYoung

"Tiffany has an ability to capture people's heart." -- Sung ShiKyung

"I really like SNSD especially Tiffany. I was in waiting room for a music show and Tiffany came in. She greeted me with such cheerful and aegyo way. She was so adorable." -- LeeJungHyun

"I was in Family Outing with her,and she is just so amiable! She's just like a little kid,so cute and innocent. She makes me feels so protective towards her. I feel like going up and hug her tightly like my little sister." -- LeeHyoRi

"Tiff is a fighter and that's what I love most about her. She's very optimistic too. She is so pretty. The most perfect little sister I ever had." -- DJ Ida Simmons@Isak

"The one who gives me faith. When I'm tired I talk to Tiffany unnie,she listens to me and gives me advice. She even prays for me. When I listen to those words from unnie I start feeling much better and happier." -- f(x) Sulli

"I really like Tiffany's eye-smile. Her beautiful face is perfect with her eye-smile on it." -- Jang GeunSuk

"The first time I met SNSD,I was with KangTa. We were walking by on the corridor in the studio and SNSD happened to pass by. My deepest impression was on Tiffany. Me and SNSD had never met before but Tiffany just greeted with such cute and energetic way. "Annyounghaseyo!" That was when I started to keep my eyes on her. She speaks English very fluently and we have no difficulties in communicating. She is my favorite member in the group. She is certainly one of the best impressions about Korea." -- Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu

"She is seriously one of the most selfless and truly loving friends I've ever known or met. She cares so much about everyone of you,and she really does pray for all her fans,I think sometimes even more than for herself. She is a walking angel." -- Jaeson Ma


"Fany Fany Tiffany ah, saranghae! You are forever the best! God bless you!" -- Super Junior Siwon

"I can't give Tiffany away,she is forever my wife. MiYoung ah, this is your Taengoo husband! Tiffany jjang!" -- SNSD TaeYeon