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Tim Burton's Dark Shadows Videos

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Check Up Clip - Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Clip - Julia Hoffman is kiled by Barnabas Collins

Lay all your love on me - Barnabas/Angelique

Where´s the igtht? - Dark Shadows

All I wanted - Barnabas/Angelique

The nigth in white satin - Victoria/Barnabas

A name like Victoria - Dark Shadows Clip

Without you - Barnabas and Victoria

Dark Shadows - Barnabas and Vicky

Victoria and Barnabas Scene (Latin Spanish Audio)

Dark Shadows - Funny Moments

Top of the world - Dark Shadows Clip

My heart Is Broken - Barnalique

Barnabas Collins - Animal

Oh I swear you - Victoria/Barnabas

Collinsport Idol Part 3

Collinsport Idol Part 2

Collinsport Idol Part 1

When You´re Gone - Jossette and Barnabas

Loving Her Was Red - Victoria/Barnabas

Super Psycho Love - Angelique and Barnabas

Welcome Home Barnabas Collins

Barnabas/Victoria - Monster

All I Know Is Everybody Loves Me - Barnabas Collins

Angelique and Barnabas Make Love - Clip

A thousand years - Barnabas/Vistoria

I want to love you forever - Barnabas/Angie

Dark Shadows - Band Anounce

The Poison - Barnabas/Angelique

Angie/Elizabeth - Beautiful Stranger

If you seek Angie - Dark Shadows

Mz Hyde - Angelique

I put a spell on you - Angie

Falling In Love With Her - Angelique

On my own - Angelique

What do you want from me - Angie/Barnabas

Be Prepared - Angelique Bouchard

Be Prepared - Angelique Bouchard

Two Stars - Angelique

Angie - Dark Shadows

Take it All - Angelique Bouchard

Roar - Angelique Bouchard

Angelique´s Death - Clip

Angelique Bouchard - Dark Shadows

Angelique Bouchard - Dark Shadows

Angelique Bouchard - Dark Shadows

That bad girl power I got - Angelique

Barnabas meets Angelique

Decades of Horror - Angelique

Alice Cooper The Ugliest Woman I've Ever Seen

Ruling Class-Dark Shadows(2012) clip

Dark Shadows (2012) "Fifteen, and no husband?!" scene

♥ Dr. Julia Hoffman ♥ // "Death Scene" // Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows tribute

Dark Shadows - Official Strange Family Featurette [HD]

Soundtrack from the Original Motion Picture - Dark Shadows I'm Sick of You by Iggy Pop

Dark Shadows- Alice Cooper - Ballade of Dwight Fry

CGI VFX Breakdowns HD: "Tim Burton's Dark Shadows" by The Senate vfx

Dark Shadows - The Carpenters - Top Of The World

Dark Shadows

'You're the only ant I couldn't burn' Film Clip Dark Shadows

Dark Shaodws premier in Tokyo

Dark Shadows 'Alice Cooper' Clip

Johnny Lee Miller talks 'Dark Shadows'

Jackie Earle Haley talks 'Dark Shadows'

Eva Green & Bella Heathcote talk 'Dark Shadows'

Michelle Pfeiffer & Chloe Moretz talk 'Dark Shadows'

Tim Burton talks 'Dark Shadows'

Helena Bonham Carter talks 'Dark Shadows'

Johnny and Tim talk about Dark Shadows

The Killers - Go All the Way (Raspberries Cover) - Dark Shadows Soundtrack

Dark Shadows Interview: Tim Burton & Johnny Depp

Dark Shadows cast interview on The Project (2012)

Dark Shadows - Movie Review

Dark Shadows black carpet

Dark Shadows - featurette Johnny Depp & Tim Burton: A Collaboration Through the Years

'Dark Shadows' Stars: Vampires are 'Sexy and Erotic'

Dark Shadows Press Junket

'DARK SHADOWS' - Chloë Moretz & Bella Heathcote Q&A.

Johnny Depp & Tim Burton DARK SHADOWS press junket (ETonline)

DarkShadows piece of trailer

Dark Shadows OST: Johnny Depp "The Joker" Preview

Behind the Scenes: Dark Shadows - "Barnabas Unleashed"

Dark Shadows (2012) Featurette 2

Dark Shadows - TV Spot 6

Tim Burton Dark Shadows Interview

DARK SHADOWS - Strange Family Featurette

Dark Shadows

Barnabas Collins Makeup Tutorial + GIVEAWAY- Dark Shadows

Bella & Chloe talk about Dark Shadows

jackie earle haley - dark shadows

Graham King - dark shadows

bella heathcote - dark shadows

jonny lee miller - dark shadows

michelle pfeiffer interview

Eva Green interview

Chloë Grace Moretz - Dark Shadows Interview [HD]

Helena Bonham Carter - Dark Shadows Interview [HD]

Tim Burton talks about Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows interviews