Tinkerbelle is mostly found in petter pan. that wold mean she is disney. she is very popclure and loved by evryone. thinkerbelle has her hair up in a bun, like cinderella. they both have the same color of hair too. Her dress is green like tiania's dress. tiana and tinkerbelle both start with a t in there name. tinkerbell has alot in commine with the disney princesses and theses are some of them. Do not forget, her name ends with belle, and the princess in beauty and the beast (you shold aready know this!), the beauty is named belle. tinkerbelle also has the same color of eyes as arora from sleeping beauty. so surprising, she has nothing incommen with ariel. tinkerbelle is not just found in petter pan, she is also found in the fairies. i do not really know alot about the faries, but i do know alot about tinkerbelle in petter pan. tinkerbelle i consider a fairy sometimes. other times i consider her a princess. mostly a fariy. alot of stuff can be found that you never knew about tinkerbelle. keep reading about her and you might find out!