Titanic Rose Hot Scene

sandiphardy posted on Feb 25, 2011 at 04:02PM
in titanic rose had shown his naked body.
what u think about that ,i t was good or bad for the flim

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over a year ago ded99 said…
I think it was good. Drawing scene is really good scene and story with drawing, how Cal see it, how it was 84 years under water, how old lady see her drawing on TV after 84 years. This scene is really popular.
over a year ago ded99 said…
and this in not first and not last time that we see Kate Winslet naked. She is really good actress.
over a year ago qwert2011 said…
The Shooting Star - That one happens to be my favorite.
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over a year ago 2772764 said…
Ok so let me get this straght seeing kate winslet naked is as good thing are you CRAZY!!!!