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TitleWave posted on Jul 18, 2011 at 01:01AM
Here you can make your own transformer or else rp as your favourite trasnformer.


Trailbreacker silver mustang.(titlewave)
Dirt Duster outback rally car.(TDI_FAN_SKIDZ)
Optimus Prime blue peterbuilt truck with red flames.(the leader of *the leader of the autobots* (monkey0502)
Bumblebee yellow camero (Rennerocks)
Violet purple porsche with black and the end.(rennerocks)
Starblaster silver toyta with black star on side.(nicki-was-here)

Blackstorm black ford focus 2011. (titlewave)


Kelly 18 years old.(monkey0502)
Duston 17 years old.(titlewave)
Christina (chris) 16 years old.(Rennerocks)
Nikki 17 years old. (nicki-was-here)

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