Two black silhouettes

Rating: K+
Words: 383
Summary: A short moment in Paris…

Two black silhouettes are lying in a cozy bed in the middle of the night. When one of them changes the position, the other one does so too. Like magnets they are bond together, they aren’t able to leave the other alone.
She opens her big brown eyes. Her hand is in his hand. Her lover. Her co-worker. Her soulmate. She walks on the balcony of the small of hotel room. Her lungs fill with cold, fresh air; it nearly brings her to tears. It’s still early morning and the sun begins to rise on the horizon. Only a short, thin cashmere lingerie covers her body and doesn’t prevent the cold making her shiver. Ziva doesn’t mind. She just wants to enjoy this beautiful day.
From behind, he walks to her and puts his arms around her waist. Tony rests his head on her shoulder and kisses her neck. Her hair smells of lavender, the few sunbeams make it sparkle like diamonds.
Two black silhouettes stand on a balcony in the middle of Paris. His fingers run down her back. Tony feels her warm skin and the cruel scars on it. She has a lot of them on her body. Too much. Marks, which wouldn’t be there if he had protected her. In his eyes, it is his fault.
“I’m observing you, Tony.” Ziva whispers with a quiet voice. Her hands grab his and pull them away from her scars.
“I won’t hurt you, Zee.” he says. She nods, but nonetheless she pushes him away. Tony steps next to her, a few centimeters away from her, to give her personal space.
“These scars… They belong to me. They remember me about my pain. I just…” she tries to explain herself and her avoiding reaction. Tony put his index finger on her mouth and stops her talking. Their eyes meet and everything is said. No word has to be spoken by one of them, they let their eyes talk.
“Shh. Stop talking.” Now Ziva is the one who invades in his personal space. She puts her arms around Tony and lets him through the wall, she carefully built.
Two black silhouettes embrace each other, while the sun is rising. They both know their time is flying, and they are willing to spend the rest of it together. Next to their lover, until they have to go back into the light, where their silhouettes don’t exist.

A/N: This is a really short story, I know, but I thought it would fit. Please comment.