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Opinion by RIPlefteye posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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Well people, TLC has not broken up but they lost a memeber as everyone knowns already.. they are supposed to be coming out with a movie of the group but t-boz && chilli will not be playing there selfs. They said that its just too hard too act with someone one who is not Left-Eye. They're gonnah watch the movie ofcourse but acting like the person whos playing Left-Eye is her just cant be done.TLC has been through alot of struggles but people just dont know. The 90's had the best music && now these days everyone is editing there vocie,& special effects && all the fancy clothes, but back in the day it wasnt like that. Thats why TLC will always be in my heart && So will Left-eye. R.I.P ! && Lots of love too T-boz & Chilli.