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Guide by Aiako posted over a year ago
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visigoth voting
OMA has provided an option you can EARN by trading in your points for a triple voting value on the last day.

Here is how it works (Visigoth Voting):
Your daily voting cap will triple (multiply by 3) starting on June 26, 2012 at midnight Eastern time for 24 hours. Example: If you are a level 1 super fan, your voting cap would normally be 25 votes per day. With Visigoth voting, it is tripled to 75 votes per day on June 26.
You can find the link here: OMA Market

If your maximum level (a level 5 super fan), your voting cap would normally be 500 votes per day. With Visigoth Voting, it is tripled to 1,500. NOW, DO YOU SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF LEVELING UP AND USING VISIGOTH VOTING!?

Here's the catch - everyone can buy this, even other fan armies! Chances are THEY WILL USE IT! It's almost a must just to keep up with them. Just saying.
However, if you vote to daily limit every day , this is nothing but a peck in your points. It's 10,000 points to purchase.
Review by Aiako posted over a year ago
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Bill Kaulitz w/Far East Movement and Germany's Next Top Model
Alright, so some of us already know about these. Good for you, pat yourself on the back for staying in touch. If you didn't here's a helpful review.

OMA (Online Music Awards) "Fan Army FTW"
(link posted by official tokio hotel US fanclub)

You can create an account if you don't already have one or use your Twitter or your Facebook to connect. You get to vote a certain number of times within each time frame. (each day, I think) and if you have reached your voting limit, wait until the time frame has elapsed to vote again. Vote to help Tokio Hotel WIN!!

MTV EMA (Europe Music Awards) 2012

[i]"The 2012 MTV EMA Host City Is...Frankfurt!
The location of the 2012 MTV EMA has been announced: We’re heading to Frankfurt! The iconic international award show is held in a different city every year, and this time around, the 19th annual EMA extravaganza is set to return to the German city for the first time in over a decade. The show will be broadcast live from the...
Opinion by theonlyking posted over a year ago
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Tokio Hotel Says 'No' To Circuses

Although their success in the U.S. is only just starting to grow, in many other parts of the world, the members of the German rock band Tokio Hotel are already bona fide superstars, with millions of albums sold worldwide. And with four number one singles and an MTV Video Music Award (VMA) for Best New Artist under their belt, it won't be long before they take over America's airwaves. Of course, thanks to peta2, you'll be able to say that you knew about them first. Check out Tokio Hotel’s PSA to learn more and then take our pledge to boycott circuses that use animals!

Tokio Hotel for peta2
Speaking of the VMAs, Tokio Hotel first caught the attention of peta2 staffers and supporters after the band's red-carpet arrival at the awards show back in 2008. The group of heartthrobs demanded attention by rolling up to Paramount Studios in Hollywood while standing on top of a head-turning monster truck. It was a much-welcome alternative to T-Pain's tasteless entrance, which neither the members of Tokio Hotel nor peta2 were pleased about. Of T-Pain's arrival, the band's lead vocalist, Bill Kaulitz, said, "It was sheer...