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Article by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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Verse 1
Ichigo: Let's eat some strawberries...
Mint: With parfait, cakes, and rice cakes
You'll be happy if you eat them all
Lettuce: Or a bunch of other fruits...
Pudding: Kiwis, sweeties, and peaches
I really like fruit!
Mint: Or cold ice cream
Lettuce: Put it in the freezer to harden
Top it with sauce later
Pudding: I like all of these...
Ichigo: I'm a little irresolute
But that's OK, because I'm cute!
Zakuro: Just being very sweet...
Lettuce: Would leave something...
Mint & Lettuce: ..to be desired~
Ichigo: Put on your favorite topping
If you don't have it, then go shopping
wait for it nyaa~
Mint: 's
Lettuce: a
Pudding: la
Zakuro: mode?
Ichigo: Oh, thanks! ^_^ ;
Mint: wa
Lettuce: nt
Pudding: so
Zakuro: met
Pudding: hing
Lettuce: rea
Mint: lly
Ichigo: crun
Pudding: chy
Fan fiction by TotalDramaFan60 posted over a year ago
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The sun.
A beautiful place, blazing hot.
So hot, that no living human could walk on it.
Except one.
We expect her to have long brown hair tied into a red bow, yellow gloves, yellow ballerina dress, yellow shoes. Yellow eyes, if possible but if blue, fine.

Sakura: Look guys! I'm touching the sun!
Ringo & Berry: EHHHH?
Sakura: I'm just kidding! Geez,you guys...
Ringo: You had us scared, Sakura-Neechan!
Berry: Yeah!
Sakura: I feel like the sun is calling out to me...somehow...

Later that day...
Sakura: Ah! Kishu-Sama!
Masaya: Huh?
Masaya: Kishu-San? Sakura-Chan, you don't understand how bad Kishu is...
Sakura: EHHH?
Masaya: Um... Let's go meet my friends.
Sakura: ...ehhh?
Masaya: Just c'mon.
Ichigo: Pudding-chan! Stop that!
Pudding: But Pudding wants to join too!
Masaya: Momomiya-San.
Ichigo: Eh?
Guide by PencilDJ12 posted over a year ago
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1. Show her a picture of her and Masaya kissing
2. She actually kisses Masaya
3. If her ears and tail come out around Masaya
4. Masaya says he loves her (notice the theme here? XD)
There's too many to list, so you guys finish the list XD (but i have a feeling you're all gonna say stuff about kisshu and ryo :l )
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Poke him in the head, constantly.
2. Tell him that "the blue knight" is a really gay name.
3. After saying that, insist that he is gay.
4. Tell EVERYONE that he is gay, even write it into the newspaper.
5. Call him a stupid hippie.
6. Spread rumours that he's cheating on Ichigo with Kisshu.
7. Edit a photo of him so it looks like he's kissing Kisshu, make sure he sees it. (This will annoy Kisshu too!)
8. Put loads of salt in his food just before he's about to eat it.
9. Pour wallpaper paste all over his head.
10. Tie his shoelaces together.
11. Send him dirty text messages, pretend they're from Ichigo.
12. Keep doing this until he replies to one. (And it gets sent to the real Ichigo.)
13. Say that his face is orange.
14. Steal his sofa.
15. Shave all his hair off during the night, and leave a rainbow clown wig next to the bed for when he wakes up.
16. Do the "I got your nose!" thing to him.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Insist that he is a furby.
2. Keep calling him useless.
3. Pull all his fur off so he's just a load of wires.
4. Shut him in cupboards and say it was an accident.
5. Get his name wrong all the time.
6. Ask him is he actually has a gender.
7. Sit on him.
8. Carry him around with you, and swing you arm like you would with a bag so he's getting rattled about.
9. Play drums on him.
10. Put him in an aquarium tank, say it was because you wanted to know whether or not he could survive underwater.
11. Tell him that he's being replaced, by one of those pink poodle robots.
12. Throw him out of your car in the middle of a desert, so he has to fly back to the café.
13. Do this again, except with an aeroplane instead of a car.
14. Constantly claim to Ryou and Keiichiro that he isn't working.
15. Give him to a dog as a squishy toy.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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. Pull his hair all the time.
2. Replace all his hair ties with fluffy pink ones.
3. Paint sparkly butterflies on everything he owns, and on him.
4. Throw food around in his kitchen until you can't even see the walls.
5. Tell Ryou that he poisoned the cake.
6. Actually poison the cake.
7. Put chewing gum in his hair.
8. Every day, sneak into his bedroom and hide a banana under his bed.
9. Keep doing this until he has a massive pile of rotting bananas under his bed.
10. While he's cooking, play really crappy music, really loudly.
11. Tell him you really really love mash potato, make him cook you loads and loads of it, then don't eat any.
12. Tell him that it was actually baked potato you liked.
13. Do this with every type of potato, then move onto eggs.
14. Dye his hair bright yellow.
15. When he makes a really big cake, hide inside it, then jump out at him.
16. Just before he's about to put his chef hat on, fill it with caterpillars
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Everytime he says something, say "I KNOW" loudly.
2. Dance past him with a drum and cymbals.
3. Paint his bedroom walls green with pink stripes.
4. Then paint his ceiling Yellow with purple spots.
5. Put hair gel in his hair and make It all spiky.
6. Throw Pie at him, the alien or the food, both are sure to annoy him!
7. Sing happy songs to him while he's working.
8. Give Pudding lots and lots of sugar when she's at work.
9. Poke him, constantly.
10. Insist that he is a priest, dress him up as one.
11. Turn the café into a pub.
12. Force him into wearing dresses, then taking photos of him like that and put them up all round the café walls.
13. Take pictures of him looking pissed off, put them on the walls too, and label them "Ryou's grumpy face."
14. Keep yelling at him to turn into Alto.
15. When you've finally made him be Alto, enter him in a pet show under the name of "Mr Snugglywugglyfluffykins."
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Call him "Little Baby Taruto"
2. Ask him if he knows how babies are made, if he says he doesn't know, laugh, if he says he does, but he's wrong, laugh, if he does know, laugh.
3. Take all his candy away, for a month!
4. Yell "Guess what, Taruto loves Pudding!" really loud to anyone who will listen, make sure Taruto is there at the time.
5. Make him listen to clam, slow music.
6. After a month, when you give him back his candy, make him eat only ice cream, so much that he gets terrible brainfreeze.
7. Lock him in a room full of cicadas, make sure he the room is teleport-proof.
8. Put a collar and leash on him and take him for walks, e isn't allowed to go anywhere unless you take him.
9. Take him in a car for the first time (assuming they don't have them on his planet) and drive very first along a really windy road, don't give him travelsick pills.
10. Swallow his clacky weapon thing.
11. Whenever you talk about it, call it the Clacky Weapon Thing.
Opinion by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Dress him up as a pirate.
2. Chew on his ears.
3. Force him to give to piggybacks.
4. Undo his hair…thingy…you know the one I mean.
5. Make his computer get full of viruses.
6. Keep talking about Pie to him. (The food)
7. On his computer, get him addicted to Neopets, make sure the other to aliens and the mews, find out.
8. Force him to go kayaking with you.
9. Hang bells from his ears.
10. Tell him "you're my fry" Don't explain.
11. Get annoying songs stuck in his head while he's trying to work.
12. Tell him you've found his Lettuce photo, because we know he has one of her… (If this one sounds wrong, its not intended to, but if you want to interpret it like that, then I'm not stopping you.)
13. Make him go on the impossible quiz; tell him it's easy and that if he can't complete then he's stupid.
14. Insist on combing his hair.
15. Hang about near him while he's working, and occasionally go "QUACK" for no apparent reason.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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. Ask him if he even knows what Quiche is, or does he just think he was named some random word?
2. Tell him daily that Ichigo hates him.
3. While he is sleeping, replace his dragon swords with copies of them you have made from toilet roll tubes.
4. Make comments about his strange clothing.
5. And his hair.
6. Walk up to him, look at him seriously, and say "I know what you did Brian." Then walk off without explaining anything.
7. Buy him strawberry patterned pyjamas, and make him wear them in front of Pai and Taruto.
8. Get Pai to leave the ship for a while, so Kisshu has the responsibility of looking after Taruto, but 20 bags of sugar, feed them all to Taruto.
9. Every morning say to him that you swear his ears keep growing.
10. And that soon they will completely engulf his head.
11. Watch Pingu with him.
12. Call his ribbon things Butt-Tape,
13. Go "Kisshu, I am your father."
14. Cover his bedroom with pictures of Masaya.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Put laxatives in her drink.
2. Tell her she has a moustache.
3. Keep getting mixed up with whether her name means Grapefruit or Pomegranate.
4. After about a month of getting confused, about which one is right, decide to solve the problem by just calling her "Mr. Grumpy."
5. When (and if) she tries to talk to you, pretend not to hear and stare at the exact same place for the next 15 minutes.
6. Keep insisting to her that her and Mint are a couple.
7. Force-feed her Ichigo's cooking.
8. Pinch her cheek and go "Aww, who's a good wolfy then?"
9. Everyday, ask her if she's going to America yet.
10. Find pictures of her in magazines and draw moustaches and stuff on them, make sure to leave the magazines lying around somewhere she can find them.
11. When she is busy doing something or other, hum, the same tune every time, and make sure it is an extremely repetitive one.
12. Ask her if wolves can get rabies.
13. Send stupid rumours about her into magazines; stick the pages with articles about them in to the café walls.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1 fan
1. When she's messing about, standing on that giant ball, pop it with a needle.
2. Laugh hysterically every time she gets hurt.
3. Whenever she does a trick, no matter how impressive it is, just say "I can do better than that, that's easy."
4. If she forces you to actually try and do the trick, even when you fail horribly, act like you did it perfectly.
5. Keep calling monkeys gross.
6. Ignore the fact she's actually a monkey and keep acting like her animal is a Gorilla.
7. Keep nagging her to use her attack, because you want jelly.
8. Tease her about her and Taruto.
9. Walk into the café, yell "Tambourine Trench!" and walk out again.
10. Keep mistaking her age for 6.
11. Hide Taruto under her bed.
12. Whenever you have a conversation with her, make sure to use rude words at least three times in each sentence. If she asks you what they mean, just laugh and say "Ha, little kids are so dumb."
13. Tell her that if she can't hang more than 15 spoons on her face at one time, then you'll tell Taruto that she loves Pai. Cover the spoons with grease.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Burn ALL her books.
2. Whenever she's trying to read, creep up behind her and start singing "We wish you A Merry Christmas." as loud as you possibly can.
3. Constantly ask if somebody sneezed in her hair.
4. Ask her "Why do you get antenna in mew form? Porpoise's don't have them!"
5. When she is carrying food at the café, run right in front of her yelling "Neeeeeeep!" Then blame her for the mess when she drops the food.
6. Every week, send her heaps advertising leaflets in the post. With a note next to them saying "Because I know you love reading."
7. Steal her glasses.
8. Offer to try and braid her hair for her, make a huge mess of it, and act offended when she undo's them.
9. Speak whale to her. (Finding Nemo style.)
10. Keep talking to her about pie (the food) but make it sound like you could also be talking about the alien Pai.
11. Because she is Lettuce, try to make Aphids eat her.
12. Ask if she's actually homeless and sleeps in the library.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Dye her hair vomit color.
2. Pretend to be really sorry about it, and offer to return it to its normal color. Instead, shave her head bald.
3. To cover up her baldness, buy her the most hideous looking hat you can find.
4. Once her hair has grown back, put yoghurt in it, strawberry yoghurt.
5. Send love letters to Zakuro, but write "Love from Mint." at the bottom.
6. Arrange picnics in her garden.
7. At the cafe, start a food fight somehow, make sure most of the food is thrown at Mint, then, when Ryou comes to see whats going on, act like it was Mint that started it.
8. Force her to kiss the most disgusting person in your school. (As Mint is probably taught at home.)
9. Tell her that Zakuro is leaving forever. And going to live in the North Pole. To get away from Mint.
10. Make her look after Puddings brothers and sisters, for a whole week.
11. Teach her dog to bark Christmas songs at her.
12. Whenever you have a conversation with her, don't talk, shout.
List by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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1. Keeping sending her letters telling her you hate her, but say they are from Masaya.
2. Every ten minutes, kiss her so she turns into a kitty!
3. Whenever you see her in mew form, shield your eyes and turn away, yelling "Ahhhhh! The pink, it burns, IT BURNS!" Make sure you do it every single time she's transformed.
4. Cover Mint in catnip just before Ichigo enters the room. Film what happens.
5. Use the film from number 4 to blackmail her into kissing Kisshu.
6. When she arrives at work late, and you can see that she's been in a rush to try and get there on time, tell her that its Saturday. It doesn't matter what day it actually is.
7. Every time she goes on a date with Masaya, follow them around everywhere, singing the found a peanut song.
8. Kidnap Masha and dye his fur the most disgusting color you can think of.
9. Before you give Masha back to her, tell her that Pai ate him. This could annoy Pai also, when he gets attacked by the mews for "eating" Masha.
Article by mintymomiya posted over a year ago
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With your help, ichigo can live again!
this conserns all people who loves mew mews and wants to see new episodes ON TV more than ANYTHING. I think that if everybody on fanpop became a fan of tokyo mew mew or it's affiliations (charecter fan clubs, and such) that would be like, 4 million people, right? if that many people were fans, i know where i could get a petition to tokyo pop to try reviving it on tk mew mew's fanpop page's behalf.
even if it doesnt work, spreading the word will be great either way! we could get people informed and with a litttle work and a few letters, tokyopop will HAVE to take notice!So, what do you say, mew-niacs?
Fan fiction by jawsjawslove posted over a year ago
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As we are singing and dancing around with our snow-white hair, having the best time of our immortal lives, I feel my heart becoming overjoyed. Wait, I have not introduced myself yet, my name is Jocelynn but my mew name is angel. We should go back to the beginning. It was my 13th birthday and I was opening my last present and it was a charm that was a heart with a pair wings and a halo. I was puzzled at first but I realized it looked like a Tokyo mew mew one. Then on my best friend’s 13th birthday she got one too it looked like a heart covered in vines. One day I fell off the ledge at Niagara Falls and as I was falling I went in to a Tokyo mew mew merge place and a swan merged with me. The next minute I was a mew and I was screaming and then out of the blue I was floating. I looked back and I saw beautiful wings.
Then the next day we were at LEGOLAND and we went to the gardens and raspberry fell in the roses. When she got up she was perfectly fine with not a scratch on her. She was in a raspberry t-shirt and jeans with raspberries on the pockets. She also had cat ears and a cat tail. So we were puzzled why us, we ask our moms. They had guilty faces so we said...
Article by BeckieXCieran posted over a year ago
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3 fans
I've been hearing a lot by fans shouting "Who's idea was it to name every one after food?!?! 1.mint 2.lettuce WTHF?!?! This ones the worst 3.pudding Only Zakuro or wateva and Ichigo are the closest to normal" (Real comment.)

So here I'm going to explain all of the main characters' names.

As you all know, the mews and aliens are named after food, but the mews and the other males are named also with colours (with the exception of Zakuro)

Here I go.

The Mew Mews

Momomiya Ichigo:
Momomiya = Peach shrine. (Momo can also mean pink)
Ichigo = Strawberry.

Aizawa Minto:
Aizawa = Dark Blue Swamp
Minto = Mint (Obviously xD)

Midorikawa Retasu
Midorikawa = Green River
Retasu = Lettuce

Huang Bu-Ling (a.k.a. Fong Purin)
Huang = Yellow
Bu-Ling = Walking Bell
(The Japanese pronunciation of "Bu-Ling is Purin, which turns into Pudding)
Guide by ichigomomomiya7 posted over a year ago
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what you will need:
1. pink fabric, about 4 yards of 44/45" or 3 of 58/60" light pink is best.
2. half a yard of red fabric u can opt for a bigger bow with 58/60" but i would opt for 44/45''
3. a large bell, you can probably find one at micheal's or hobby lobby
4. a small bell (or gold felt and an orange marker)
5. 2 sheets of felt, one a light pink and one black
6. red faux fur trim
7. pink faux fur
8. hot glue gun or double sided tape
9. correspoding pink and red thread
10. knowledge of basic stiches, or a trustworthy reference
11. shears
12. a sewing machine. if you don't have one look for singer or brother. if you choose not to use a sewing machine i suggest looking for a no sew kit at your local craft store. if you are hand sticthing pick up lots of needles, time, and DEFINETLY patience!!!
13. a hot/bubblegum pink wig within similar style to ichigo's hair. i suggest the scruffy wig at hellocosplay.com.
Fan fiction by Oktarin posted over a year ago
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4 fans
I'm not very familiar with this sight yet (yes, sad, I know) but I just wanted to post something... :P A Kish X Ichigo fanfic so... yeaaahhh... There's probably some spelling mistakes and stuff but other than that I think it's ok...

God she was beautiful.

That hadn't changed one bit over the past three years, if anything it had become more obvious.

She was fast asleep, snuggled under the covers and curled in on herself very much like a cat. Her ruby red hair spilling across her pillow looking like blood in the moonlight. Her pale skin glowing softly and her thick lashes resting on her cheeks. Her full lips parted just enough to release a little purr.

He leaned forward just to have his forehead meet the wet glass of her window, the only thing keeping them apart, for now. He was soaked, his thick green hair plastered to his forehead and his clothes that usually flowed freely stuck to his skin, but that hardly mattered. He hadn't seen her for so very long…
Fan fiction by WinxRocks posted over a year ago
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Previously on Part 1: Shoga Amaiuta and her best friend,Candy Kagayaku,read the news on the newspaper about the Mew Mews is missing. Candy invites Shoga to going to the park and Candy bought two ice cream. But suddenly,someone hold their shoulder.

~Shoga's POV~

"Ryou! How do you know my name,our name?" said Candy angrily.
"And how did you know my name?" Ryou ask Candy back.
I immediately arbitrate them.
"Stop fighting,Candy,Ryou!" I yelled.
"Hey you! How did you know my name? Are you spying me?" Ryou pointed my face and he looked very angry.
"We're not! I know you from the Mew Mews," Candy stood in front of me like she was protecting me.
"Huh? The Mew Mews?" said Ryou,his face look sad.
"Yeah,the Mew Mews. You and Keiichiro are looking for replacement of the Mew Mews,right?" I said softly.
"You're right. The Mew Mews is missing. I think,the Mew Mews are captured by the evil animal,The Falcon King. And the trouble is,I can't find them!" said Ryou.
Fan fiction by WinxRocks posted over a year ago
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2 fans
Hope you like it ^_^ I am a Indonesian girl,so,sorry if there's a word incorrectly.

Shoga's POV

Hi! My name is Shoga Amaiuta. I'm 14 years old girl and my hobby is singing and listening to the music. I had a best friend,Candy Kagayaku. She is a sweet girl with black eyes,tan skin tone,and maroon hair and always tied in a pigtails. She and I love the Mew Mews so much. This afternoon,Candy and I will going to Cafe Mew Mew. It's my first time I enters the 'magical' cafe.
"Nice place,huh?" ask Candy when we enters the cafe.
"Yeah,really nice I think," I said.
"Welcome to Cafe Mew Mew,please come in," a girl with cherry red hair greeted us,it's Ichigo!
"Thank you," Candy smile at Ichigo.
"What do you want? A coffe,pastry,pizza,cake,or juice maybe?" Ichigo offers us.
"A lemon tea and of course,chessecake. What about you,Shoga?" ask Candy to me.
"A orange juice and pastry with mapple syrup," I answers Candy's question carefully,'cause I was so nerveous when I see Ichigo appear in front of my face.
Opinion by sarah34578 posted over a year ago
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1 fan
does ichigo like ryou? if so how could she develope feelings for him if she is so in love with mark and dating him. ? does she not think of marks feelings? does she think its ok to date someone and still like others? i bet she wouldnt like it if he did this.whats wrong with her morals? i feel bad for mark. he is so kind and loves her deeply he was even born to protect her yet she is a two timer. she doesnt even tell makr ryou and her kissed and she still says she loves mark. why do ppl hate mark anyways. is he two perfect? ppl just like ryou bc he is goodlooikng. i bet if he was ugly no one would be pairing the two ep. i think ppl are only pairing them up bc they role play being ichigo. and besides do you really think she likes him? her reactons to his actions are natural right. for ex if someone calls you cute who is goodlooking u blush right? but that doesnt mean you like the person.do you guys thinks its ok to like others while your dating someone? everytime i search this question its just ryou and ichigo fans who say she likes him bc they want them togehter. is there a way to email the creator and ask? i read this article that i agree with...
Fan fiction by Lacetere posted over a year ago
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1 fan
When Ichigo disappeared, Mint, Zakuro, Pudding, and Lettuce rushed into the cafe and through the room where Shirogane and Akasaka was.
"Akasaka-san!" Lettuce shouted. "Shiroane-san!"
Mint and Zakuro knelt to Akasaka and Lettuce and Pudding tried to free Shirogane from the dark mist.

"What happened?" Zakuro asked.
"Ichigo." Akasaka said. "Ichigo did this."
"That's not true!" Pudding said, facing Akasaka. "Ichigo Onee-chan would never do that!"
"She did." Shirogane said. "But it wasn't her. She was different. Everything about her. Her appearance, her voice, everything."

"How? What's gotten into her?" Mint asked.
"We don't know." Shirogane said. "One moment, we were watching her dreams, and we saw Deep Blue, attacking Ichigo. After the attack, Ichigo suddenly woke up and was different."
"Deep Blue's gone. There's no way." Lettuce said.
"Meeeh!!! You think smelly ol' Blue boy did it?" Pudding said.
"50-50% chance it could be." Akasaka said. "Help us get out of here. We've got to track down Ichigo."
Fan fiction by Lacetere posted over a year ago
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1 fan
Ichigo, Shirogane, and Akasaka was in the Cafe at night to see Ichigo's dreams.

"Oh...." Ichigo had fainted at that time.
"Ichigo!" Shirogane shouted, but Akasaka grabbed him by the shoulder.
"Wait. Ryou, while Ichigo's asleep, connect her to the dream machine." Akasaka said. Shirogane nodded and carried Ichigo to the dream machine, connecting a black helmet.
Akasaka pressed in some buttons and managed to get into Ichigo's dream.
They saw Deep Blue inside Ichigo's dream.
"That's...." Shirogane started.

"You!" Ichigo shouted out to Deep Blue. Ichigo was already transformed.
"Strawberry---" Ichigo was interrupted when Deep Blue attacked her with his sword.
The sword let out a strong burst of energy.
"Aaaaaah!" Ichigo screamed out, falling to the ground roughly.

Deep Blue was walking up to Ichigo, then held up his hand to shock Ichigo with a bolt of electricity.

Ichigo screamed again, but this time, it awoke herself, sitting up from the dream machine and quickly removing the helmet.