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The fans pick: Doesn't matter he's still Tom <3
Doesn't matter he's still Tom <3
His Black and Straight hair
The fans pick: No :(
No :(
I'm working on it
The fans pick: No :(
No :(
I'm working on it
The fans pick: I'm working on it
I'm working on it
No :(
The fans pick: No :(
No :(
Yes :)
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sturmelle15 said …
He should play Gaston in the live action Beauty and The Beast movie. Anyone else agree? Posted 6 months ago
Faithgurl commented…
He doesn't seem muscular enough for that type of role. He comes off as more of an intellectual to me. 6 months ago
sturmelle15 commented…
Oh yeah true. Maybe Mel Gibson might be a good fit as Gaston. 6 months ago
twilightlover73 said …
I don't recall voting for a banner and icon change. Weird. Posted 10 months ago
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Yeah, I think it'd be good if there would be a pick about the spot look change BEFORE the spot look gets changed. Not just here, but everywhere. Especially on spots with many fans. Some people might like the chance to make banners, and I think everyone should have the chance to contribute in the new spot look. If not by doing anything else, then at least voting. The spot look should be up to everyone who wants to take part in it. 10 months ago
Spikefan74 said …
Just finished watching "Only Lovers Left Alive". Great movie! Loved Adam! Posted 11 months ago