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TORCHWOOD | d r o p p e d

[torchwood] would you kill to save a life?

Jack&Ianto || slipped away

Ten ways to know you're at Torchwood

My Top 14 Janto Moments from S1-S2

Doctor Who references in Torchwood (Improved version!)

Eve Myles and John Barrowman

Janto | If Only Tears Could Bring You Back

the ballad of Ianto jones

Gay Themes in Doctor Who

Jack/Ianto - Only Human

Echo: Torchwood

Captain Jack's Theme

Torchwood: Web of Lies - Episode 1

Torchwood - Seasons 1-2-3 (mega trailer)

Adam Lambert-Fields. Gwack(Jack&Gwen)

Jack/Gwen- Supernatural

Gwen Cooper On a Mission

Torchwood (Gwen) - Trouble

TORCHWOOD Gwen's Mistake

Torchwood- The A Team

[Jack/Gwen] We don't need anyone, right Gwen?

I'll Be There for You - Jack/Gwen - Torchwood

I'd Come For You - Gwen and Jack

jack/gwen - tell me what makes a man !!

Jack Gwen missing you !!

Jack/Gwen - Feels like home to me

Gwen- Torchwood - Because of You

Gwen Cooper: Where Do I Run - "Torchwood"

Torchwood - Gwen Cooper - Double Life

Scandalous!- Cobra Starship- Gwen Cooper (Torchwood)

Torchwood // Mambo no.5 #2

[Multi-Couples] Castle Walls

Torchwood | Jack & Gwen | Gone Away

Gwen Cooper lion hearted girl

Miles From Where You Are;; Torchwood [4x10]

Preview • Skinny Love

Invincible || Torchwood (Spoilers)

[Miracle Day] Gwen Cooper // Whos That Chick

John Barrowman - She's Always a Woman - Eve Myles

Eve Myles fan video- Better In Time

Bitch, she's the bomb • Gwen Cooper | Torchwood

Torchwood Jack and Gwen Moments from Everything Changes

Torchwood Jack and Gwen Moments from End of Days

Torchwood: Jack and Gwen - All Out Of Love

Torchwood Jack/Gwen Moments From Something Borrowed

Torchwood Jack/Gwen Moments From Meat

Unforgettable - Torchwood - Gwack - Gwen/Jack

Jack/Ianto/Gwen - Should've said No

She Is (Jack/Gwen)

Jack & Gwen: Somebody Needs You

Torchwood - Jack/Gwen AU - Someone to Fall Back On

Torchwood Miracle Day Finale Tribute - Please Don't Go

Torchwood | Jack & Gwen | Fix You

Torchwood -- Jack & Gwen -- Bring Me To Life

Torchwood ○ Skinny Love [SYTYCV]

Touchwood Jack/Gwen-dirty little secret

Torchwood ( Gwen / Jack ) "Ask my heart"


Gwen | Jack • No Good

Jack/Gwen- Crush

Jack/Gwen, So Close

Torchwood (Gwen / Jack) - "Only you"

Jack and Gwen - At the Beginning

Torchwood Let It Go Gwen/Jack

Set the Fire to the Third Bar II Jack & Gwen (Torchwood Season 4)

Fix You (A Torchwood: Children of Earth Tribute)

Children of Earth (Torchwood) - The Chorus

Torchwood//Children of Earth//House of Cards

[Grace Like Rain] Torchwood, Children of Earth

Torchwood: Children of Earth fan video

It Only Hurts;; Torchwood, Children of Earth Days 4&5

Already Over (Torchwood) - Children of Earth Tribute

Children of Earth - Mad World

Torchwood: Children of Earth - I Have Nothing

Imagine - Torchwood: Children of Earth

Torchwood - Children of Earth / Hurt

Torchwood: Children of Earth - Amazing Grace

Ianto Jones (Goodbye My Lover) - Torchwood Declassified

Ianto Jones-If I Die Young (Janto/Gwys)

Torchwood: Jack & Gwen - Every Little Thing That You Do..♥

Torchwood: Jack & Gwen - Start Of Something New..♥

Torchwood: Jack And Gwen - Right Kind Of Wrong..♥

John Barrowman sings

Breakfast - Eve Myles and Gareth David Lloyd (06.07.09)

Up Close with Torchwood: Eve Myles - Torchwood - BBC Two


Torchwood - Eve Myles Interview

Eve Myles and Mekhi Phifer on Torchwood Miracle Day - Access Hollywood

Torchwood 'Up Close' Fun on Set -

Comic Con New York - Who is the Best Kisser

Comic Con New York - Eve Myles on Kissing

New York Comic Con: Eve Myles Interview - Part 2

New York Comic Con: Eve Myles Interview - Part 1

Torchwood: Miracle Day - Eve Myles Interview

Torchwood Children of Earth: Up Close With Eve Myles

Torchwood - Interviews - Eve Myles

Torchwood Myles was an "absolute berk" meeting Lauren Ambrose

Eve Myles' American Accent and Torchwood Sex Scenes

Torchwood: Behind the scenes of the Radio Times shoot