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Opinion by gothiktori70 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
I found myself in a Theatre in Milan in 2009 to assist to a Tori concert. I was so excited and the stage was not so far from me. When Tori appeared I thought I was gonna cry for joy. Then something happened unexpectedly: her music didn't reach me like did in the past: too loud, too screamy, too "techno"..I thought: " maybe she wants to impress youngest generations ". that's ok, but I miss her !!! I know that artists evolve..
I also know it must be hard to survive in the business...yet I'm still sure that the great TORI AMOS would have survived as a songwriter, singer and pianist without compromise her style so much !! I don't know, guys, if there's anyone out there that feel like me now, please tell me. I haven't listened yet to her new album and hope to find some old tori style stuff in it.