Ok, so after Courtney's elimination, I have been focusing a lot more on Mal and Zoey. Well, after watching the episode 12 preview, Zoey said in the confessional that won't let anyone else win, especially MAL. So Zoey obviously found the DVD and knows about Mal! It's about time if you ask me.

Also, unlike the past 2 weeks, Cartoon Network didn't give any dead giveaways to whom is going to be eliminated.

The challenge will be a pirate theme, my guess that it's a tribute to Search and Do Not Destroy (TDI). Also, all of the challenges seem to be tributes to other challenges.

Zoey - Find a Yeti (Wawanawka Gone Wild, TDI)
Gwen - Find a portrait from Chris cottage. (The Ex-Files, TDWT)
Scott - Find the McLean diamond, with Fang guarding (A Mine is a terrible thing to waste, TDROTI)
Mike - Find a Gilded Chris (TDA in General!