*5 shots fire*
Jared: Shoot shoot shoot!
*5 shots fire*
Jordan: Fire fire Fire!
*5 shoots fire*
Jordan and Jared: Cause I declare war!
Back ground: I declare war, war, war!
Jordan: Dunk down. Turn around!
Jared: Don’t get shot shot shot!
Jordan: Move around up and down. Than we will win
Background: Win win!
Jared: I declare war
Background: War war
Katie: there is no way I’m singing!
Abby: come on so we can win!
Jordan: Can’t get shoot by paint
Jared: Cause that just ain’t
Background: Ain’t ain’t
Jared and Jordan: Right!
Jared: Cause I declare war
Jordan: declare war I declare war
Jared: cause we declare war!!!!!!!!!!!!!! war war
Abby: come on Katie sing!
Katie: NO!
Abby: please!
Katie: no!
Abby: cause I declare war!
Katie: I’m not going to declare war!
Abby: you sang!
Katie: NO!!!!!!!