Chris: last time on Total Drama Around the World........... Iran! the place of wars. and we had a Panit ball war!our contestents had to go crazy to shoot people. it came down to Noah and Jasper. than Jasper got noah out. Team London would have won but, Heather and Alejandro were making out again out of the playing fild. at the end it was a tie bettween Heather and Alejandro, so no one left. Wee this did happend. what will happend on this episode of *says the following in a french acsent* Total.......... Drama......... Around............... the world!

*theame song*

*non first class*

*heather and Alejandro makeing out*
*Katie is bawling*
Jasper: aggggggggggggg.. making of lips from Heather and Alejandro and Katie bawling. i can't take any more of this.
Blaineley: i'm right by her. how do you think i fill????????
Trent: i'm on the other side.
Natalie: i wish we were on the sam team Trent.
Trent: oh yeah.......... me too.
Draven: we better be back in first class aferthis.
Wally: oh i hope so.
Buddy: where are we going next?
Kasey: no clue.
Ezekiel: hey Kasey wanna make out????
Kasey: sure *ezkeiel and Kasey make out*


Jared: how can she kiss Zeke and not barf????? i can't see what she sees in him.


Blaine: *stares at lindsay*
Lindsay: are you stareing at me????
Blaine: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... yeah.
Lindsay: *blishes* oh *giggles*


Tyler: Lindsay is supose to like me!! well then there is Abby. but now that Blaine Likes Lindsay and Lindsay lind of likes Blaine......................... I like Lindsay more than Abby.


Abby: *puts head on Tyler's lap* so Tyler.................... wanna make out????
Tyler: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa............... maby.


Abby: maby???????? oh when we lose....... Lindsay is gone.


*first class*

Lulu: pick me please.
Cody: i said who ever stays the longest wins me.
Adrianne: ok than i'm not leaveing this game.
Rochelle: you will when i vote you off.
Adrianne: ooooooooo 1 vote!
lulu: just please pick me!
Jordan: agggggggggggggggg! those girl really like Cody.
Ray: i know right. i hope lots of noah fan girls don't go ooooooo....... Noah and he dose what cody is doing.
Noah: don't worry hunny i wont.
Zoey: I wish Duncan was on our team.
Noah: he's all bad.
Zoey: not all.
James: i have to agree with Noah there. Zoey.
Zoey: oh what ever.
Courntey: any way Duncan is mine.
Owen: what????
Courtney: I meen Duncan is hine????
Noah: hine isn't a word.
Courntey: oh rigggggggggggggght.
Chris: perare to land!


Chris: welcom to parus france. AKA the city of love.
Ray: ooooooooo....... i like that name!
Annie: me too. *stares at jordan*
Jordan: O.o
Kasey: finley something Heather and Alejandro might be good for.
Alejandro and Heather: HEY!!!!!!!
Annie: hi!
Owen: i hope it's a food eatting thingy.
Noah: food eatting thingy?????
Chris: IT'S NOT A FOOD EATTING THINGY!!!!! it's a kissing contest!
Heather and Alejandro: YES!!!!!!!!
Chris: sence team London is stort one person they will have to sit someone out.
Jasper: i will.
Chris: ooooooooooooo......... bad diseion Jasper.......
Jasper: why????
Chris: if your team loses, your out no matter what.
Jasper: oh ok not me.
Chris: too bad.
Jasper: crap!


Jasper: *crossing fingers* please make my team win!


Chris: ok pick who is with who.

*team London*

Duncan: ok Alejandro and Heather.
Heather: oh yeah!
Duncan: than.................
Blaine: me and Lindsay!
Jax: she is on the other team.
Blaine: oh..........
Kasey: me and zeke?
Ezekiel: yeah!
Duncan: ok you and Zeke!
Ezekiel and Kasey: yes!
Duncan: Jared you and annie.
Jared: what?!?!
Annie: yay!!!!!!!!!
Jared: agggggggggggg
Duncan: me and Natalie.
Natalie: what?????
Duncan: just do it.
Natalie: fine!
Jax: wait that leaves me and Blaine! Both boys!
Chris: you should have keept Jasper in!
Blaine: I'm not kissing a boy!
Jax: me ether!
Chris: that will coast your team the win!
Jax and Blaine: aggggggggggggg...........

*team Japan*

Tyler: me and Lindsay???
Lindsay: ok!
Abby: no you and me!!!
Trent: i'll be with you.
Abby: man!
wally: you and me Katie??????
Katie: *still crying* ok
Draven: you and me Sam???
Sam: fine!
Harold: how aboout me Gabriella!
Gabriella: fine!
Blaineley: what????? I'm with Buddy?????
sam: looks like it!
Buddy: agggggggggggg

*team Mexico*

Adrianne: i call cody!
Lulu and Rochelle: no i call cody!
Cody: she called me.
Rochelle: man!
Jordan: how about you and Me Rochelle?????
Rochelle: fine!
Ray: noha you and me???
Noah: tottly!
Zoey: you and me DJ???
DJ: sure.
Lulu: what????? I'm with Owen??????
Owen: it's not that bad!
Lulu: aggggggggggg!

Chris: ok while you are kissing lets sing a song!

*song begans*
Lulu: Do I have to???? What if he’s lips are gross?
Owen: Oh please! Now let’s do it.
Adrianne: Oh I’m ready………. To kiss Cody!
Cody: oh great!
Lulu: oh come on I need to kiss him not you!
All: cause now we are Kissing!
Kissing oh Kissing
Duncan: Bucker up! Now let’s kiss!
Natalie: Ok ok let’s get on with this!
Natalie and Duncan: Cause we are Kissing
Duncan: Yeah we are Kissing
Gabriella: He’s ugly! I don’t wanna kiss him!
Harold: Come on we have to win.
Gabriella: Oh man!
Gabriella and Harold: Cause now we are Kissing!
Jax: no way am i kissing a boy.
Blaine: i'd rether kiss my dog's choo toy!
Blaine and Jax: cause we are not kissing!
Zoey: We are almost in dead last!
DJ: We have to do this fast!
DJ and Zoey: So we can win! Win win! For our team. Now we are Kissing!
All: Kissing oh yeah kissing!
Zoey: To win!!!
*song over*

Jasper: guys kiss or we lose and I'm out!
Heather: *side comment to Alejandro* I wouldn't minde that.
*Alejnadro giggles*
Jasper: shut up!
Heather: oh what ever!
Jasper: *grawls*
Jax: can it be on the cheack????
Chris: lips only.
Blaine: i'm not going to injoy this!
Jax: me ether.
*Blaine and Jax kiss tha buke when there done*
Jax: i'm never doing that again.
Blaine: agree!
*Jax and Blaine barf again*
Chris: team London wins 1st place. Team Mexico wins 2nd and team Japan wins last! see you guys.
Blaineley: wow guys! we lost???? what a bad team we are. I'm the only good one.
Sam and Trent: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Natalie: A few things I want to say. 1, I did not enjoy it and I feel like crap actually agreeing to it. And B, how could Trent just offer to take her like that? I mean, I- *starts to cry alot* *stops crying and sniffles* I'll bet I'm overreacting, but if either enjoyed a SECOND of it, I swear *holds up silver bow and arrows* this will come in handy. My friend Lynn from camp gave it to me. Whenever you want it, it appears with you. Handy, hm?


Gabriella: Harold's lips we're so gross, I think he ate some poop before he kissed ME!*throwing up* I must brush TEETH!* WHY BLAINELY!? WHYYYY!?

Jasper: Note to self: NEVER AGREE TO DO ANYTHING CHRIS SAYS. But atleast we didn't lose!

Jared: Yes we won! I hope Katie doesnt get votted off! And I cant beleive both Duncan and Alejandro is on my team!

Blaine: *hits head off a wall* f*** chris Mclame. Ok next time we lose Jaspers gone and Im gonna make sure tyler loses *Goes into voting booth and messes with the votes*
Chris: *opens door* ugh no way dude
Blaine: oh come on *slips chris $100 dollars*
Chris: No way dude and try to bribe me again and your out
Blaine: fine *to self* stupid washed up overrated pretty boy.

Abby: ok I'm votting off Lindsay so Tyler will be mine!

Lindsay: hummmmmmmmmm............... Abby maby?????

Katie: *stamps on her self* i'm coming sadie

Chris: ok, 1 vote for Abby.
Abby: i know who it's from.
Chris: 1 vote for Katie.
Katie: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Chris: 1 vote for Tyler.
Abby and Lindsay: what????
Chris: 1 vote for Blaineley!
Blaineley: what?????
Chris: 2 votes for Blaineley!
Blaineley: 2??????
Chris: 3 votes for Blaineley!
Blaineley: what??????? 3??????
Chris: 1 votes for Buddy!
Buddy: at least Blaineley has 3
Blaineley: grrrrrrrrrrr
Chris: 2 votes for Tyler.
Abby, Lindsay, and Tyler: what?????
Abby: if you get 2 more your out tyler.
Chris: 1 votes for Wally.
Wally: well i know i'm not out.
Chris: 1 vote for sam.
Sam: i got a vote?????
Chris: and the finle vote is for........................................... LIBDSAY!
Lindsay: what????
Chris: so Blaineley your out!
Blaineley: this cn't be right! no i'm not leaving *chris bushes Blaineley off the plane*
Blaineley: *screams*


Blaine: well blaineley is gone yay.but lindsay was nearly gone I have to make sure that doesnt happen

Annie: Even tho i didnt see the elemination, im guessing blainley got voted off cause a red shoe just came smashing threw my window about a few minutes ago...

Adrianne:*sighs and daydreams and twirls hair around finger* Cody is a good kisser... *sighs again* Umm.Er....Hello? *gets on the floor and crawls out*

Natalie: *hums City of Love (from Summer Belongs To You)**realizes she's on camera* DON'T JUDGE ME!

Jasper:*Sketching a heart with Duncans name in it and little doodles around it.* If only, He would notice me.. *Eyes widen when she realizes she's on camera.* Ummm... Uhh... Bye! *Runs.*